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Column: Tick Box

A tick box to indicate that the actions for dealing with the appointment have been carried out.

Column: Appointment

Appointment Date / Time / Provider code / NotesIcon Notes icon.

Click Date-Time to display the Edit Appointment window.

Click the NotesIcon Notes icon to display the notes that the patient entered when making the appointment on the portal.

Column: Name

DuplicateRecordIcon Possible Duplicate Record icon | Patient long name.

CALL ME indicator: If the patient has indicated that they want a call back the row appears in Red and the word CALL ME displays next to the patient name.

Click the Name to display the Edit Patient window (so long as there is no possibility of a duplicate record.)

If there is a possible duplicate, follow the procedure for Creating New Patient Records from online appointments.

Column: Type

This is the type of appointment generated by a patient.

New: New Patient (not registered at the Practice) requesting an appointment.

Existing: A registered patient making an unplanned appointment.

Recall: Patient using the recall link

Planned treatment: Treatment has been planned by a clinician.

Column: Make Contact

Appttab-EmailIcon Email icon. Click to email the patient.

Appttab-MobileIcon Mobile phone icon and number. If CTI has been set up you can click to dial the patient. If not set up, click to display the Call Patient dialogue.

Note: CTI module has been removed from build 13.422

Appttab-LandlineIcon Landline phone icon and number. If the booking was made via an online recall, the landline number displayed is the patient's home number, or if the patient does not have a home number, this is a work number.

Appttab-TelephoneStatuses Telephone status indicators. These are customisable status indicators that will vary across Practices. Initially they are grey, but they can be clicked to change colour and thereby indicate status.

Show (drop down)


Optionally filter by choosing one of the Show options and the From date.

The list will always sort by date and time


Select (tick) to display completed bookings.
De-select (un-tick) to display incomplete bookings.