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Quick Plans
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Quick Plans are preset treatment plans that can be used over and over again for patients, saving considerable time when conducting treatment planning. An example may be a Quick Plan for a new patient’s first appointment. During this type of patient visit, the provider may typically charge for the following services :like Examinations


, X-Rays


& Scale & Polish.


Rather than having the user find each code for billing under the ‘All’ codes system list or, a specific system ‘category’ list, the user can create a single entry of one user-defined code to automatically enter all three codes at the same time.


v12.6 change: Quick Plans where the service custom screen popup is set to disabled
On request from EXACT users a software update in version 12.5 changed the behaviour of Quick Plans that have custom screens attached.
However, this change proved problematic for many other users, so to satisfy the needs of all users, the following applies from v12.6:
From v12.6 EXACT by default reverts to the earlier behaviour (pre v12.5).
A configurable setting (off by default) has been added to retain the new behaviour.

When popup mode is planned or completed, quick plans with custom screens attached continue to use the current custom screen version and default values.

With popup mode disabled, quick plans with custom screens attached use the custom screen version and the custom screen values from the original charting used to create the quick plan.
However, you can optionally disable this behaviour to rather use the current custom screen version and default values.

To change the default behaviour, go to Configure > Settings and edit this setting: patient.chart.quick plan.custom screen.default to "1".