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Welcome to Connect!

Connect is our newly developed centralised platform that 'Connects' our products together allowing us to push the latest features to all of our PMS systems.  An initial focus will be on explaining the basic concepts of Connect, and how practices can start using Connect to access new features.

Some features that leverage Connect are:

  • PayIntegrated Payments
  • eDental (Prior approvals & orthodontics in Scotland)
  • Online Templates
  • Associates report
  • (more coming soon...)

Connect concepts

  • Practice - a practice in Connect represents a particular dental practice.  Corporate customers or mini-groups have multiple practices linked together.  This enables a single user belonging to a corporate to see all the practices when logged into Connect.

  • Connect user - To log into Connect directly or access Connect features from EXACT (such as 'forgot password', Pay, eDental Prior Approvals & Ortho in Scotland, Associate Report etc.), a user must have a Connect user account. Once created, a user can log into EXACT using their normal username, but their newly created Connect password. A user can log into Connect directly by using the email address assigned to their Connect account, and the same newly created password. Once we have an email address for a user as part of a Connect user creation process, we can help manage EXACT/Connect password resets from both Connect, and the EXACT login screen.

While we plan to make the Connect user account creation process more seamless in future, for now support will first need to add your practice to Connect, before your users can start to register and create their own user accounts. If you are interested in signing up, please contact our support desk for more information.