Quick Notes

Store your common notes to use again and again using Quick Notes.
Create your notes and save them to the Quick Notes list, then all you need to do when charting is double click the notes you need, add any individual patient information and save.


Accessing Quick Notes

Quick Notes are accessible throughout EXACT, this article focuses on charting Quick Notes. You can access these by double clicking on a charted service and via the Note button at the bottom of the chart.

Quick Notes can also be created for Instant Messaging and Pop-up Notes (sticky notes).

Creating Quick Notes

  1. In the Chart Tab, click the Note button to open the Add Clinical Note window (or double click any service already charted).

    Tip: Quick Notes can also be created for Invoice Notes, select the Invoice Notes tab to view the Invoice Notes window.

  2. Select the +1 button from the right hand side to open the Add Quick Note window.



  3. Add a Description for the Quick Note.

  4. Select or Create a Type to be able to filter notes, read more about filtering notes.

  5. Enter the notes you wish to save in the Notes field and press OK to save.

Using Quick Notes

Tip: If you are missing some or all Quick Notes, delete any text from the 'type' box under the list of notes and press TAB to refresh the list to show all Quick Notes.

  1. Double Click the treatment/service item you wish to add a note to.

  2. Available Quick Notes are listed to the right.

  3. Double click the Quick Note you wish to use or highlight it and click the << arrows to populate the Quick Note text into the Note box. The text cursor determines where the Quick Note text will be entered.


  4. If you've created Types, enter the desired type in the box below the notes or press the selection button to display a subset of Quick Notes from which to select.

  5. Optionally tick the [ ] Send straight to History checkbox if you wish to send the notes directly to the patients history.

    If you do not tick this checkbox, the Note will list in the treatment plan/course of treatment area. From there you still have the option to tick it, right-click and select [ ] Send Completed to History.

    Purpose: Sending straight to History bypasses the Notes display in the treatment planning/course of treatment area. You can see it listed in History by clicking the [H] History button. The Note remains editable in History until midnight of the current day.

  6. Select a Provider if this has not auto-filled and click OK.

Tip: You can type before or after adding Quick Notes as much as you like and can also add multiple Quick Notes if required.

Editing Quick Notes

  1. Click on any charted service or the Note button at the bottom of the COT window.

  2. Select the Quick Note you wish to edit, this will highlight the description.

  3. Press the edit e|d button to open the template of the note.

  4. Make any required changes to the Quick Note and press OK to save.

Deleting Quick Notes

  1. Click on any charted service or the Note button at the bottom of the COT window.

  2. Select the Quick Note you wish to delete, this will highlight the description.

  3. Press the bin icon to permanently delete the Quick Note.

Note: You cannot retrieve any deleted Quick notes, you would need to recreate from scratch. Tip: Find a patient with the notes previously charted, copy and paste into a new note to recreate the the note, remember to remove any individual patient notes.

Filtering Quick Notes (Type)

Adding Types to Quick Notes allows you to filter the list of notes down to only those you use by simply adding a providers initials or other identifiable text to narrow down the visible list.

  1. Types can be added when you are creating a Quick Note or later on via the e|d button.

  2. It is best to have a pre-determind list of types, you can add these by selecting the +1 button while in the list of Types window to add a new Note Type.


Missing Quick Notes

If only some or no Quick Notes are displayed in the Quick Notes list, clear all text from the Type box and press TAB on your keyboard to refresh the window. All Quick Notes should now be displayed.



Update: V13.638 includes an update with a Show All Quick Notes button making it faster to reveal all notes.


Transfer Quick Notes to another practice

It is not currently possible to transfer the quick notes from one EXACT system to another.

We would suggest copying and pasting any notes required onto a notepad/Word document then copying and pasting back into the other EXACT system