Computer Settings

The Computer Settings window is used to configure some of the features in EXACT that are set on a computer-by-computer basis. Here you can change most of the computer settings for EXACT for any computer, from anywhere on your network.

Note that backup settings must be changed when you are logged onto the computer to which they apply.

Provided you have the required security privileges, you can access this screen via Configure > Computer Settings.


Sort by Name

Computers on the network are identified by the name assigned to them when they were configured. This will default to the name of the computer you are accessing EXACT from, but if necessary you can select another computer using the selector buttons.


[ ] Synchronise computer time to server

Check this option to make sure the time displayed on this PC is the same as that on the server. (Note that if one PC has this selected, ALL computers will be synchronised).

CTI (requires CTI module)

[ ] Launch on Login

Click the checkbox if you wish to have the CTI module automatically launch when you log into EXACT. Leave blank if you wish to start the CTI module manually.

Meteor Connection Port [ ]

Designates which serial port on your PC the Meteor CTI box is connected to.

Phone Dialing


If a phone dialer is to be used to dial a phone number from the computer, check the box and if required enter the phone prefix and phone suffix for dialing out through a PBX (for instance ‘1,’). The prefix is dialled immediately before the number, and the suffix immediately after the number.

Notes about Phone Dialing:
In addition to digits, any of the following modifiers may be included:

! for a 'hook flash'

P to use pulse dialing for the following digits

, to pause dialing (use multiple commas for a longer pause).

Provided that your call centre supports this feature, you can connect a patient (on an external number) to another phone in the practice. To do this, you would set the prefix to the number you need to dial to get an external line, and the suffix to a ! followed by the extension number, followed by another !

You must manually hang up the phone dialer software (click the "Hang up" button) after both lines are ringing.

If you need to dial a 1 followed by a pause to reach an external line, and the extension of the phone you wish to connect the patient to is 234, you would set the fields as follows:



If the ‘Prompt for Backup on Exit’ box is checked, the following message will appear each time EXACT is closed:


Clicking ‘Yes’ will write the current data file to the specified directory.

The ‘Change’ button allows the directory to which the backup is written to be changed, and sub-directories can also be backed up.

Note: Unlike the other settings and parameters on this window, the backup path can be changed ONLY when logged onto the computer you are changing the settings for.



If there is a video capture device connected (or to be connected) to this PC, you can specify the default image handling of the video images. Note that the third option is ‘greyed out’ unless the first two are selected.

This applies only to the EXAMINE and EXHANCE modules, not to EXAMINE Pro.

Save the parameters on this screen.

If you have Super User security privileges you can use this button to delete a PC that is no longer required for EXACT, for example, one that has been replaced or renamed.

Note: This does not clear the EXACT licence used by that computer. For that you will need to use the Licence Manager facility.