Beta Release Notes


EXACT Beta version release notes provide information on the features and improvements in each Beta release. This page includes release notes for feature releases, platform releases and bug fix releases.
For the general release versions :

Exact 13.778 Dec 7, 2022

  • no changes

Exact 13.777 Dec 6, 2022

  • ISSUE RESOLVED Fixed an issue introduced in 13.761 where some Campaigns would not send due to an “Unhandled merge field data type”.

Exact 13.776 Dec 5, 2022

  • no changes

Exact 13.775 Dec 2, 2022

  • IMPROVEMENT Improvements to Presentation Manager 2:

    • Fixed an issue where PM2 would crash when inserting a merge field into a textbox

    • Empty merge fields are now greyed out and prevented from being added to a document​

    • Draft documents can now be sent as EasyPost jobs

  • IMPROVEMENT Added new 'Re-authenticate' button to the email error window that launches either an informational pop-up (for non-admin users) or a OAuth re-authentication pop-up (for admin users).

Exact 13.774 Dec 1, 2022

  • Issue resolved NHS England: Fixed an issue where charting a filling, extraction or endodontic treatment service locked the banding as band 2, preventing users from changing the band for urgent treatment.

  • new Feature Added an option to create a new appointment by right-clicking on an existing one.

Exact 13.773 Nov 30, 2022

  • no changes


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