Scottish Prior Approvals - Updates

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For a 'How to' on PA (Prior Approvals) functionality, view the Historical page here. Although some of the screens may look a different after the update, the 'how to' actions have not changed.

Summary of Updates

The eDental PA (Prior Approval) feature has had some look and feel changes.

  • When launched, the PA window will appear within EXACT. The window can be moved and minimised but will be closed when changing patients.
  • PA data will now appear on tabs, to make data entry easier, with less scrolling.
  • The PA form now auto saves data when you move to another tab, or the window closes. The save button has therefore been removed. Please ensure you move tabs or close the PA window when complete to ensure data is saved.
  • New menu's have been added to EXACT. You can now access the Prior Approvals list view from the NHS menu.

PA window now appears in EXACT

When selecting the PA button in the chart, the PA window will now be displayed in EXACT. The window can be moved, resized or minimised. EXACT will close the window when you change patients.

The save button has been removed because PA data is now saved when you switch tabs or close the window. Please ensure you do either of these steps when you are finished entering data to ensure it is saved.

You'll notice the PA data is now split across tabs for easier data entry.

New Menu's in EXACT

EXACT has new menu's which allow you to access PA data from the NHS menu. A new View button also allows a single click to view.


The payor window (File > Payors > select your NHS payor) also has a new button at the bottom to see PA and Ortho responses. Checking this every few days allows you to ensure the NHS updates are being received correctly.