EXACT Server Move Guide


If you are reverting to an older backup due to data corruption/virus/lost data issues please contact
the Support Team so we can make sure old communications are generated and sent and system numbers are increased duplicate to ensure receipt, invoices, NHS claim bundle & course of treatment numbers remain unique.

Please make sure the EXACT server and Workstations meet our minimum requirements.
See: https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PHS/pages/302187234

If a Scottish NHS practice (eDental) please contact the support team first as there will be an
additional SQL database we need copied over from the old server.
Usually located here (Contact SOE if unsure): C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA

Installation & Configuration of EXACT Server

  1. If also replacing Workstations an EXACT admin user should go to Configure, Licence manager
    and “delicense” any workstations that are about to be replaced. If this cannot be done now SOE can
    assist after the server move is complete.

  2. Uninstall EXACT Server from the Old Server. This makes sure no Emails, SMS, Online Bookings etc can
    connect to the wrong database going forward.

  3. If you require the most up to date version of EXACT server then you can Download the latest version of
    EXACT from https://portal.softwareofexcellence.com/ to your server machine.
    If you require an older version than our latest available build see: https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PHS/pages/872218625

  4. Follow install wizard through to completion leaving the program files and default data path as they are as you will update the path later.

  5. Copy a complete copy/backup of the most up to date EXACT data folder to your preferred location (We
    recommend on a separate drive to the program files, i.e D drive).

  6. Share this folder over the network with full permissions as name "EXACTData".

  7. Change the databases.ini file located on the server in C:\Program Files (x86)\Software Of Excellence\Exact Server (open in notepad) to the path of where the current practice data is stored. i.e Practice=D:\Exactwin\Data
    If you use Examine Pro please contact SOE & speak to the digital imaging team to confirm where the
    Xrays are stored as these will also need to be moved over. If using 3rd party software speak to your
    software provider to find out where the Xrays are and the best process for moving and configuring on a
    new server computer.

  8. Right-click EXACT Server Administrator and "stop database server". Wait a few seconds, then right-click
    and "start database server". This will refresh the data paths and shares/permissions you have applied
    to the data. Double click "EXACT Server Administrator" on the desktop to get the system tray icon to appear if it is not already running.

  9. Attempt to log into EXACT on the server and accept the prompt to upgrade the data if asked. (a server EXACT licence is not required to perform this action)
    Once logged in/data has finished upgrading you can then install the additional software or drivers for any other modules the practice may use. i.e Clinipad, Examine Pro, Online booking.

  10. To install EXACT on new workstations find the shared server folder called "EXACT Resources" then open the "Workstation Installer" folder then double click "Install Exact Workstation.exe". File location: {server}\exactresources\workstationinstaller (Change {server} to your server name.)
    Enter the windows network credentials if required to access the servers shared folders.

  11. Follow the install wizard through to completion.

  12. Double click the EXACT Dental shortcut to confirm EXACT is launching ok (confirm the EXACT version number and current server machine name stated here are correct). If prompted with an error, select the new server from the dropdown, if available.

  13. If any issues, you may need to edit the Login.ini file to set the new server name. This is located
    at C:\ProgramData\SOEI\EXACT

  14. Open the file and edit/add the line starting “CurrentServer=” to include the correct server name. (e.g
    CurrentServer=Server) Do not use IP addresses as some EXACT features will not function correctly
    unless a machine name is specified. If it struggles to save then save the file to desktop then copy and paste it back into the folder (C:\ProgramData\SOEI\EXACT) and it will overwrite the current Login.ini file.

  15. Launch EXACT again to make sure it’s now working ok.


Final checks
Additional modules/software that require SOE to re-install or re-configure.

  • Online Booking

  • Patient Portal

  • EXACT Automatic Updates

  • MPC (cloud reporting)

  • Clinipad

  • Examine Pro

  • eDental (NHS Scotland)
    Please also make sure that you add Anti Virus exceptions on all computers to reduce the chances of performance issues or EXACT/Examine pro being quarantined. The exclusions can be found here: https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PHS/pages/1440514174


This document is in a PDF format and can be downloaded for later use.


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