When going paperless with Clinipad you can save 80% of time spent on admin per month. That’s the equivalent of 24 days a year!

Patient experience is shaped by convenience. When a patient arrives at your practice they expect a smooth, friendly arrival process, not to be greeted with a clipboard of forms.
Clinipad provides an efficient solution for collecting information; letting your patients simply and easily complete and sign forms electronically, both in reception and chairside.

  • Reduce and simplify your admin by securely collecting and filing patient information

  • Easy to use on any tablet (iPad or Android) anywhere in the practice

  • Eliminate time on filing and scanning, giving you more time for your patients

  • Reduce your use of paper, helping to establish an environmentally sustainable practice

  • Reduce human error by allowing patients to enter their own details

  • Offer a wide range of forms including FP17PR, Medical History and GDPR consent

  • Give you access to information in seconds, with data saved automatically into the patient record within EXACT

Required Software Version:

iPad/s (running at least IOS 9.3.5): version 2, 3, 4 or iPad Air (5)
Android (running at least Android 4.2.2):
Samsung Galaxy Note Tab 4 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab E
ASUS Memopad 10
ASUS Transformer TF103CX
Samsung Tab A 10.1 inch
Lenovo Tab 3 10.1 inch
Acer Iconia One 10 Inch
Lenovo Tab M10 HD

Practice Requirements

  • Internet connection to download the Clinipad SOEI App.

  • At least one Clinipad device per area in which forms will be digitally signed, or a means of easily sharing the devices between areas.

  • Wi-Fi set up in the dental practice. and each Clinipad device must be connected to the Wi-Fi. Routers have different interfaces so the instructions will vary, but the recommendations are:
    - Use a WPA2 secured password
    - Hide your SSID
    - Allow connection from devices with known MAC address only (if practical)
    - Each CliniPad device must be able to communicate back and forth with the server.

Requirements for EXACT:

  • The Clinipad module must be purchased and then registered in EXACT. To find out more speak to a member of our team.

  • The Patient Medical History configuration must be set to "Fixed" as this is the only configuration recognised by Clinipad:

  • A compatible Estimate template (where the signature box has been encoded using a special PRX command) - EXACT ships with default templates that can be customised.

  • The appointment arrivals workflow needs to be enabled and configured.

  • Users who will be Saving and Completing Oral Health Surveys after discussion with the patient must have the appropriate permission set in the Security settings.

NOTE: By default, a responsible adult must sign on behalf of persons under 16 years of age. This default requirement can be overridden for minors who are deemed competent to sign themselves.

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