Exact supports teledentistry so that your practice can triage patients remotely to determine it safe and necessary for them to visit your practice.


Implementing Teledentistry in Exact

Step 1

Sign up with a teledentistry provider. This provider should support a ‘waiting room’ where you can see all the patients waiting, but they can’t see each other. The provider should give you a URL to the waiting room that you can send to your patients.

For Example, provides a free service that allows any dentist to sign up and create a waiting room. Once you have signed up with the service they will provide you a URL to enter into Exact. e.g.

Your practice may sign up for one waiting room for all providers, or each provider can sign up individually to get their own room.

Step 2

In Exact Open the the provider file and select the Appointments tabs. Paste the URL you copied from your teledentistry provider into the Teledentistry Link field.

Repeat this step for all providers.

This step is required for the Teledentistry merge field to populate within automatically generated email reminder templates.

Step 3

Set up a smart section to include in appointment reminders. The UI can be found under appointment reminder wizard (Configure> Automatic Appointment Reminders…).


Step 4

Add the smart section ([section.EmailTeledentistry] or [section.SMSTeledentistry]) to your appointment reminders templates.

Step 5

Book appointments with the “Teledentistry” category (case sensitive) to automatically include the smart section inviting patients to the waiting room.


At the appointment time, log in to you teledentistry providers website and select patients from the waiting room to commence their appointment.


Video workflow


Smart sections for Teledentistry appointments

Teledentistry appointments are appointments that take place over the phone or video call. There is a new appointment category called ‘Teledentistry' which you can assign to these appointments:


If you include a Teledentistry Smart Section in your reminder template, the content of the smart section will only be visible to patients who have an appointment with a category of ‘Teledentistry’.

SMS – [Section.SMSTeledentistry]

Email – [Section.EmailTeledentistry]

For more information on smart sections, see