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Overview - Online Appt Bookings

Using Online Appt Bookings

Configuring Online Appt Bookings


The Online Appointment Bookings software enables new patients, existing patients, recall patients and patients with planned treatment to independently book appointments at their convenience from an online booking page.

Patients receive automated confirmation from EXACT that the appointments have been registered in the practice's appointment book.

Receptionists view patient bookings in the appointment book and in the Online Appointments tab. Where online bookings appear in the appointment book they are differentiated by coloured icons:
OnlineBookingIcon-red-NewPatientAppointment New OnlineBookingIcon-blue-ExistingPatientAppointment Existing OnlineBookingIcon-pink-RecallAppointment Recall OnlineBookingIcon-green-PlannedTreatmentAppointment Planned treatment

Statistics for these online bookings can be tracked in the Feature Usage Report.