Upgrading EXACT

Automatic EXACT Updates!

To check if you’re enabled for EXACT Automatic Updates, log into EXACT, click Help, About to see your weekly update day/time. Please Note this is only visible once you’ve updated to EXACT Version 13.191 or higher.
If you are using a version lower than 13.191 and have not automatically updated within the next 7 days please contact our support team so we can check your setup.
New EXACT builds are distributed to customers at different speeds. They are staggered in this way so that we can safely confirm features and fixes are working as designed and to identify and track performance/new bugs. You may not update every week as EXACT builds are released at random/when suitable for general availability.
If you wish to Opt in for EXACT Auto Updates make sure you’re using EXACT version 13.40 or higher and fill in our Auto Update Opt In Form and we will enable Auto updates for you remotely.

Upgrading EXACT Manually

Before you begin:

  1. If you are upgrading from Version 10 or have any concerns about the upgrade process please contact SOE Support.

  2. Check that you are on the Server as the upgrade must only be run from there. To reduce the risk of install issues log into Windows as a user with full Administration rights (as an administrator user)

  3. Review the System Requirements to make sure your server and workstations meet the current minimum requirements and that all Anti Virus Exclusions have been added to your Anti Virus Software.

  4. Prepare the practice for the downtime while the upgrade is running. The larger your database files are and the greater jump between EXact versions the longer the upgrade duration will be.

Our new installer automatically backs up your data before the upgrade begins so you don’t have to!

1. If logged into EXact on the server click the Portal button in the top right (if it exists)

Or visit https://portal.softwareofexcellence.com (log in with your account code)
Click “Update Now” or “Find out more”, then Click “download update”

2. Once the download has finished, run the file. The New Web Installer will check what EXact version you are currently using and if the server requires an EXact update.

3. If it does not require an update the black window will notify you of this and you can press any key to exit.
If you do require an update the new version will begin to download and launch an install wizard.
Simply click next a couple of times, leaving the install and Data path as default (C:\Program Files (x86)\Software of Excellence\EXACT Server) and click “Yes” to upgrade the databases (you may have a “Demo” as well as the live data)
The installation will begin by backing up the databases before it starts to upgrade EXact and your data.

4. Once the EXACT Server installation is complete the Workstation Monitor will have appeared on your screen, any current/active workstations that are turned on should automatically update within a few minutes and turn green.
It is best to try to launch and log into EXact on workstations to confirm they’re working ok and not fully rely on the upgrade monitor screen.

Upgrading the Workstations Manually

If for any reason you need to manually install EXact on a workstation simply go to the following location and run this file
\\{server}\exactresources\WorkstationInstaller\Install EXACT Workstation.exe (change {server} to your server name)

Click “next” a few times until the installtion begins.
If you have any issues with the installation or logging in following an install or upgrade please contact SOE Support.