Managing Locations

A practice that operates from more than one site can choose to use Locations in EXACT. Locations offer a number of benefits including

  • Location Merge fields for shared templates.

  • Separate Appointment Workflows.

  • Individual Online Booking web pages for each location.

When users log in to EXACT, if they have multiple locations available, they are presented with a dropdown option from which they must choose the location. For example:

If, however, there is only one location accessible to the user, they are logged into EXACT without the Select Location window being displayed.

When the user is logged in, the default EXACT screen displays the practice name, user's login name and the location they logged into:

Activating Locations

(User requires Administrator security access)

  1. In the Configure > Practice Settings window, check (tick) the Enable Locations checkbox.


  2. To control user access to locations, also check the Enable User Accessibility checkbox (if you leave this unchecked, all users will have access to all locations).

  3. Optionally check the Use patient preferred location details for communications checkbox.

  4. Save your changes and exit the window.

When the Locations feature is enabled, an extra field is added to some screens to enable the location to be specified. This includes the Preferred Location field in the Patient Details tab, and the Location field in the Edit Appointment window.

Creating/Editing Locations

  1. Select File > Locations to open the Location File window:


  2. Click the +1 button to open the Add Location window or click on the List button to choose an existing one

  3. The Code is used to identify the location (such as an abbreviation of the clinic name).

  4. Once you have added/amended the details save and repeat for any other locations you wish to set up/amend.

Location Functions

Online Booking Locations:

A dental business with a single server and multiple practice locations (premises) can optionally create a separate online booking website for each configured location. For online booking purposes, EXACT then considers each Location as a separate practice.

This functionality affects practitioner login, Provider setup, patient setup, and patient bookings.

Preferred Location:

Each Patient and Provider can be configured with a Preferred Location (or will otherwise use the default location).

Preferred Location merge fields:

The patient's preferred location has been added as a new merge field, enabling sites with multiple locations to auto-generate patient recalls per Location.

They are derived from the completed Pref Location field in each patient's Details tab, but are not available if Locations is disabled.

Each patient's Preferred Location can be specified in the Patient File Details tab:

In patient correspondence templates for Easypost Letter, Email and SMS, you can then use merge fields to automatically include Preferred Location in the correspondence.

The merge fields can be used in Email, SMS and EasyPost Letters:

  • «patient.PreferredLocationName»

  • «patient.PreferredLocationAddress1»

  • «patient.PreferredLocationAddress2»

  • «patient.PreferredLocationAddress3»

  • «patient.PreferredLocationPostCode»

  • «patient.PreferredLocationPhone»

Booking appointments across multiple Locations:

With multiple Locations configured patients can book with their preferred Provider regardless of which location that Provider is located.

Receptionists can also offer a wider range of appointment options for multiple Providers across multiple Locations.

Appointment Workflow is Location-based:

A practitioner who selects a Location when logging in to the practice will only see Departure Task List (exit workflow sidebar) patients for that Location. Patients from other Locations will not display on that practitioner's exit workflow.

To process a patient through the exit workflow when they are booked for the incorrect Location

If a patient is configured for Location A but is incorrectly booked for Location B, that patient will not show in the exit workflow for logged-in Location B practitioners. To process that patient, a practitioner will need to first log out of Location B and log into Location A.

To avoid this inconvenience, focus efforts on correctly recording patient preferred locations, and on correctly booking patients to their preferred locations