Exact Release Notes

Exact release notes provide information on features, improvements and bug fixes.
For Dutch Release notes see: https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/EHF/pages/1370161949

Exact 13.721 - 27/9/2022


  • Added a new email configuration option to the email & SMS setup wizard, which uses the industry-standard OAuth 2.0 protocol to authenticate users and access email data more securely than the legacy option. If the practice is still using the legacy connection and an Office 365 email address, admin users in Exact will be prompted to re-authenticate their practice's email address upon logging into Exact.

  • IMPROVEMENT Improved the error message when invalid credentials are entered in the Change to POP3 Warning confirmation box of the email setup wizard. In addition, using the enter key now triggers the Confirm button.

  • IMPROVEMENT EVOLUTION: Translated OAuth admin reminder and email setup pages into Dutch. Additionally, secure email account setup is now available for OAuth as well as legacy email configurations.

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for an issue where the OAuth feature was not enabled by default after upgrading EXACT if a practice’s email setup was configured to only receive emails.

Exact 13.718 - 19/9/2022


  • IMPROVEMENT Updated the help file link in the View Signed FP17PR tamper warning popup.

Issues Resolved

  • Removed the InstallAware server installer timeout and reverted the overall chocolatey timeout back to 12 hours (previously 4 hours) to prevent the server installer timing out once an install has begun. This should fix an issue where the workstation installer rolls back to the previous version and leaves a site unable to continue the upgrade or use Exact.

  • NHS England & Wales: Fix for an issue where claim codes 9378 and 9379 (decayed teeth and highest BPE sextant) were being incorrectly sent for band 3 treatments before 1st October and were being incorrectly sent for Wales (these claims codes should be sent for England only).

  • EVOLUTION: Fix for an issue where the Contact List window title hadn’t been translated into Dutch.

  • NHS England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland & Isle of Man: Fix for an issue where the patient mobile number was partially hidden on general and ortho TC dialogues.

  • Added a new print layout for appointment book reports. The new layout shows patient mobile numbers when multiple providers are selected.

Exact 13.710 - 8/9/2022


  • NHS England 1st October 2022 changes (additional fields/warnings will only be visible for COT’s created on or after 1st Oct, when they are required to be included with claims):

    • Added a DMF tab, which contains the original decayed, missing and filled teeth fields, but in addition will also contain a new entry which calculates decayed teeth at the end of treatment. Adult patient’s highest BPE sextant score will also be required to be sent and can be entered/checked on this new tab.

    • Users will also be warned if adult patients completing band 1, 2 or 3 treatment do not have a NICE recall interval specified.

  • NHS England 1st October 2022 changes (feature available for COT's created on or after 01/10/22):

    • Added a new Assess & Debond - Overseas Patient claim type for Ortho FP17 claims for patients under 18 years of age.

  • IMPROVEMENT Added a new column in the Patient Contacts tab that will display email attachments.

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for an issue where a missing registry key after a server move could cause a workstation to try upgrading in an endless loop.

  • Fix for an issue where the scheduler service would not be able to get the correct server installed version, which could cause a workstation to try upgrading at random times.

Exact 13.702 - 31/8/2022


  • IMPROVEMENT NHS Wales: A popup warning will now be shown when completing a course of treatment if the patient has a red ACRON score but does not have the number of decayed teeth entered.

  • NHS England: Added an optional DCP Provider field to the TC dialogue box. If this field is filled in, the claiming dentist’s GCD number and provider type will appear in the NHS claim. This feature will be available for CoTs created on or after 01/10/22 as part of the NHS 1st October 2022 changes.

  • NHS Wales: For practices with the Contract reform checkbox ticked on the Practice Settings window, when booking a recall appointment for patients who are 18 years old or above and have a green ACORN score completed within the past 12 months, a warning will be shown in the Edit Appointment window if the appointment date is earlier than 12 months from the date the ACORN score was completed.

Issues Resolved

  • NHS Wales: Fix for an issue where removing the Other clinical dataset category from a resubmitted course of treatment did not remove it from the new claim send file.

  • Fix for an issue which could cause workstation installs to get stuck in a loop because the the right version of the installer was unavailable after a server upgrade.

Exact 13.692 - 22/8/2022


  • IMPROVEMENT The Live Chat support email address was updated for UK and Ireland.

  • Addition of a Copy File To Clipboard button that allows users to copy attachments from the Contacts tab in a patient's file into their machines clipboard.

Issues Resolved

  • Fixes for issues with emailing Presentation Manager documents:

    • The email attachment picker now filters out draft documents regardless of whether EXAMINE PRO is registered or unregistered.

    • The email attachment picker now displays a contact document’s name and file type.

    • Contact documents printed using Presentation Manager are now given new and more descriptive filenames when these documents are attached to an email.

    • The EXACT window is now maximised when sending an email from within Presentation Manager, if the email wizard is shown.

    • The Presentation Manager window is maximised when the 'Continue or finish editing' prompt is shown.

  • Fixes for issues with the EXACT Workstation upgrade process:

    • The workstation installer now removes some files that were left behind by a previous version and are no longer needed.

    • When a workstation is not already updated, double clicking on the EXACT icon will now directs the user to wait for the update, and take steps to make sure that happens rather than giving them a manual install. This will take effect for the upgrade after this version is installed.

    • The automatic workstation update will now handle and recover from a locked file error, that would previously cause it to fail.

  • Fix for an issue where server installations would error when downloading a Microsoft security update file on 32-bit machines running Windows 7.B4 t

  • EVOLUTION: Added Dutch translations for patient notes and contact list windows.

  • EVOLUTION: Fix for an issue where the items in the Administration > Patient Lists (Contact Lists) submenu weren’t capitalised in Dutch.

Exact 13.684 - 8/8/2022


  • NHS England & Wales: Patient Experience now supports Revision 10 of the NHS PR form for Wales, and Revision 9 for England. The Welsh form had altered wording regarding the length of personal data being held from 10 to 8 years. The English form also had this wording change, alongside new ‘Opt out’ Email and Mobile number checkboxes added for the patient.

  • NHS England & Wales: EXACT and Clinipad now support Revision 10 of the NHS PR form for Wales, and Revision 9 for England. The Welsh form had altered wording regarding the length of personal data being held from 10 to 8 years. The English form also had this wording change, alongside new ‘Opt out’ Email and Mobile number checkboxes added for the patient.

Issues Resolved

  • Improved the reliability of the EXACT Server upgrade process by:

    • Changing a process that was liable to fail on Windows 7 / Server 2008 servers during the backup step, causing the upgrade to freeze and the system to be left in a ‘not running’ state.

    • Performing the disk space check before stopping the services so they don’t have to be restarted if the disk space check failed.

    • Reducing the timeout allowed so an automatic update will finish and recover from a failure before a practice starts work in the morning.

    • Putting the workstation files in place only after a successful server upgrade, so that the workstation files will always match the server version.

    • Removing a step in the install process that could sometimes cause it to stop unexpectedly leaving the system in a not running state.

  • NHS Northern Ireland: Fixes for two CliniPad issues. The first resolves an issue with signing part 2 of the NHS PR form. The second no longer enforces a college be entered on the form if the patient was under 18, but not in full time education.4 t

Exact 13.678 - 1/8/2022


  • Improvements to Contact Lists:

    • Contact Lists has been renamed to Patient Lists (Contact Lists) in the Administration menu, workspace toolbar and appointment book tabs, as these lists are not solely used to contact patients.

    • Added two sub-options to the Administration menu item: View Saved Lists and Create New List to help navigate to the desired action easily.

    • Added a drop-down menu containing the Create New List item to the workspace button so that menu’s can be accessed consistently from either location.

    • Added a new Refresh List button that allows users to easily recreate lists they have already run in the past without having to go through the new list workflow.

    • Added a new Search column to describe what query/search criteria was used to create the list

    • The View List button has been renamed to Open List

Issues Resolved

  • NHS Wales: If any service with a fluoride varnish data set is charted alongside a free exam, EXACT will ensure the fee remains 0, without the need to alter the band.

Exact 13.672 - 25/7/2022

Issues Resolved

  • Improved the reliability of EXACT server upgrades by adjusting the space required for database backups. This addresses situations where EXACT databases used a network path or pointed to a non-existent drive.

Exact 13.667 - 18/7/2022


  • IMPROVEMENT NHS England, Wales & Isle of Man: The NICE recall interval selected on the TC window will now flow through to the patients recall settings. Previously, users had to manually update the interval separately in the Recalls tab.

Issues Resolved

  • Ireland: The GMS form layout has been slightly altered to fix an issue with the B5 denture section displaying incorrectly. B4 t

Exact 13.661 - 11/7/2022


  • IMPROVEMENT EXACT services were upgraded to .NET 6.0 in order to improve security and reliability.

Issues Resolved

  • NHS SCOTLAND: Fixed an issue where patients between 18 and 26 were being charged a fee for denture services.

Exact 13.655 - 28/6/2022


  • NHS WALES: A new Contract Reform checkbox has been added to Practice Settings. If enabled, this will automatically add a Fluoride Varnish service for a patient with an ACORN red tooth decay score, to help sites meet fluoride varnish metrics.

Issues Resolved

  • Made a fix available which will repair most users where a recent Windows update caused Presentation Manager to open with an unembedded Word. This fix will automatically be offered where an affected user opens Presentation Manager when the problem is detected.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Patient Experience to crash and prompt for the resetting of every patient, if a demo or duplicate databases were present in the list of active databases.

  • IRELAND: The GMS form has been updated to reflect the latest claiming changes required for 1st May 2022.

Exact 13.648 - 20/6/2022


  • A new COVID-19 health screening form has been enabled for Australian practices.

  • The Contact Lists window has been improved:

    • The Edit button has been moved to the top of the screen and renamed to View List

    • A new Created By column has been added

    • The Closed column has been renamed to Completed.

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed an issue where an Unauthorised Access error would pop up for some Windows 7 users when starting Exact and another issue that was preventing users from launching multiple instances of Exact via the desktop shortcut.

  • Fixed an issue where a server upgrade could sometimes fail if two of the same Exact server processes were running before the upgrade.

  • NHS WALES: Fixed an issue where the Last Examination field in the Recalls tab was not updating when the Extensive exam (General) or Simple assessment (General - Urgent exam) services were completed.

  • NHS Wales: Exam Type and Patient Presented with data is no longer sent with orthodontic claims. These fields have been removed from the orthodontic TC window.

  • EVOLUTION: Fixed an issue with PIEN 2.0 incorrectly using a SoE certificate instead of a customer certificate.

Exact 13.642 - 13/6/2022


  • Improved the reliability of EXACT Server upgrades completing by improving the database backup process.

  • Contact lists will now show patients mobile phone numbers if they have one. This will be applied to all existing and new contact lists.

Exact 13.638 - 7/6/2022

Issues Resolved

  • When creating a new appointment from a previous appointment using Copy to Clipboard, the chair time, completion and last edited data are no longer copied across to the new appointment. This has also fixed a related issue where reminders were being sent out to patients too far in advance of the appointment dates.

  • Fix for an issue where some patients were not being sent a confirmation SMS after booking an appointment from the short notice list.

  • Fixed an issue where the Ortho button would launch the Connect embedded browser window behind the Tooth History screen.

  • NHS: Fix for an issue where the National Insurance number validation message would appear when completing a treatment plan that didn’t require a valid NI number.

  • Improved the reliability of the EXACT server installer:

    • Silent upgrades no longer fail if the current server name does not match the old server name in login.ini after a server migration.

    • Silent upgrades no longer fail if the uninstall folder was missing and Exact couldn't be uninstalled.

  • Fix for an issue with the Patient Experience window that was causing Exact to crash if the PX window was closed before it finished loading.

  • NHS Wales: The banding of several services has been corrected and the Sedative service description has been changed to Anxiolysis.

  • Fix for an issue that was preventing some users from registering online with SOE Connect when attempting to use the Register Online button in the User Settings window. The location of some buttons and checkboxes in the User Settings window have also been tweaked.


  • IMPROVEMENT Country code is now included when directing to help pages to direct to the relevant countries help pages.

  • IMPROVEMENT A new Show All Quick Notes button has been added to Quick Notes. Additionally, the Pop-up Options... button has been renamed to Display Note When... and a new Show All Quick Plans button has also been added to Quick Plans. Some labels in these screens have been renamed.

Exact 13.627 - 23/5/2022


  • A new COVID-19 New Zealand health screening form has been enabled for NZ practices.

  • Ireland: A new COVID-19 Irish health screening form has been enabled for EIRE practices.

  • Some sites have experienced issues logging in to a workstation after an upgrade. EXACT workstations will now update using a new more reliable installer that will lead to less workstation install failures.

  • A warning message will now be sent to administrators if the EXACT upgrade process notices that disk space is running out on the practice server.

  • The ‘updated fees' instant message now only triggers if the effective date & last modified date have both changed, so users will no longer receive a message that their fee file has been updated for a past date.

Exact 13.620 - 10/5/2022

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for an issue where online booking deposits were becoming lost due to a time data mismatch based on time zone.

  • Fix for an issue that was causing Vipre antivirus software to block workstation updates.


  • EVOLUTION: Help centre bot messages now appear in Dutch instead of English.

Exact 13.614 - 2/5/2022

No customer facing changes.

Exact 13.604 - 19/4/2022

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for an issue causing HS1Pay Tyro allocations to fail when overallocated.


  • Admin users can now correct the payment method on the allocation window for HS1Pay transactions if it was entered incorrectly at payment or claim time.

  • EXACT Workstation installer:

    • Improved reliability of workstation installations.

    • Improved ability to install on Windows 7.

    • Improved ability to recover if an install did not complete automatically.

Exact 13.602 - 14/4/2022

Issues Resolved

  • NHS Wales: Payor 9000 codes were added to the new Welsh services so sites could easily identify them. This also corrected an issue where patient fees were not being correctly applied to COT’s that only had these services charted for patients under 25 or over 60.


  • When a patient is manually re-onboarded through the Reset Patient Portal process, outstanding forms for inactive patients are now removed.

Exact 13.599 - 11/4/2022

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for an issue where online payments/deposits would not update the text displaying patients balance until the transactions window was opened and closed.

  • Fixed an issue where OSHA claims could be left unpaid after reconciliation.

  • NHS England: Fix for an issue where contact details entered in the FP17 Clinipad form were not being populated in the exemptions window after linking the form.


  • NHS Wales: Completed support for the new Welsh NHS FP17PRW form. This includes patient portal, Clinipad and printing onto new paper forms.

  • Text entry fields in the patient medical history tab now allow more characters to be typed.

  • The warning message for when another user has edited patient information for the patient you are currently edited has been updated to include more detail.

Exact 13.590 - 4/4/2022


  • If the EXACT installation disk has less than 1 GB remaining, a popup warning will be displayed upon login alerting that disk space needs to be available.

  • Added an option to re-request outstanding Patient Experience forms when a patients portal is reset.

Exact 13.587 - 28/3/2022

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for an issue where fissure sealants were not showing on the list in the Clinical Dataset tab.

  • STABILITY Fix for an issue causing threads in the Relay service to accumulate over time, occasionally causing the service to crash.


  • Moved the NHS fee effective date text so it is accessible to more users.

Exact 13.578 - 21/3/2022

Issues Resolved

  • PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT Increase the performance of EXACT workstations by bulk reading data, in many situations reducing round trips to the server and hence producing faster load times.

  • Improved the reliability of downloading NHS fee files automatically by adding a configurable timeout, defaulted to 5 minutes.

Exact 13.576 - 14/3/2022


  • NHS Wales: A new FP17PRW form is being launched on 1st April. EXACT has been updated to handle the new opt out checkboxes & removal of preferred contact method logic. Online forms & printing support is currently being worked on and will be released in a future version.

  • The workstation upgrade monitor has been replaced with a new and improved one.

  • EVOLUTION: Updated the live chat function to point to a dedicated Dutch help centre.

Exact 13.571 - 7/3/2022

Issues Resolved

  • NHS England: Invalid Patient Experience NHS FP17PR forms will now display as an orange icon in the arrivals list.


  • NHS Wales & England: Added clinical dataset categories to the UDA breakdown report.

  • NHS Scotland: A new health screening form has been added.

Exact 13.566 - 28/2/2022

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for an issue causing some online payments from the stripe payment provider to be duplicated (this does not fix pre-existing duplicated online payments).


  • NHS England and Wales: Included flexible commissioning data in the UDA or UOA Breakdown report.

  • NHS England and Wales: Included flexible commissioning data in the UDA or UOA report when ‘Show Detail’ is selected.

Exact 13.561 - 21/2/2022

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for an issue that was causing some Patient Portals to be unable to reset.


  • NHS Wales: A text error was corrected for the NICE guidance text on the NHS FP17 window.

  • NHS Wales: Added text to in the ‘Clinical Data Set' tab to show ‘upper’ or 'lower’ text for dentures, retainers, and appliances.

  • United Kingdom and Ireland: Live Support chat has now been enabled for all practices in the United Kingdom and Ireland.  Click Live Chat in the top right of EXACT to speak to our support team at a pace that suits you. Click here for full details on EXACT Live Chat.

Exact 13.556 - 14/2/2022

Issues Resolved

  • EVOLUTION: Fix for an issue causing the BSN check to grab the previous patients details.

  • Fix for an issue where NHS transmissions were failing due to an apostrophe, plus or colon in patient email address.

  • Fix for an issue where NHS claims were being rejected due to the NI number being automatically included in the claim record when it is not required.

  • Fix for an issue where Tyro invoice items for a patient were not being allocated correctly when multiple providers shared the same provider number.


  • The logic for determining what help documentation would be launched has been simplified.

  • NHS Wales: Exam Type & Patient Presented with dropdowns will be visible on the TC dialog for COT’s created after 1/4/22. This data will be included in NHS claims created after 1/4/22 as part of the 1st April 2022 changes.

Exact 13.541 - 24/1/2022

Issues Resolved

  • PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT The loading times for notes all across EXACT were improved. This should be particularly noticeable when loading the chart for patients with long histories.


  • NHS Wales: “Data Set 1” and “Data Set 2” in the TC dialogue have been combined into one tab named “Clinical Data Set”, and now only shows the used categories.

  • NHS Wales: Added new NHS services to the FP17/O Data Set dropdown when editing service items that will become claimable from the 1st of April 2022

Exact 13.535 - 10/1/2022

Issues Resolved

  • EVOLUTION: Updated translations in the help menu.

  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused EXACT to unexpectedly exit when attempting to log in.

  • EVOLUTION: Fixed an issue that would cause the BSN check to time out.

  • Resolved an issue that would occasionally cause Presentation Manager not to open.

Exact 13.525 - 14/12/2021

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed an issue that could cause previously charged, resubmitted and then deleted service items to reappear as completed treatment in the patients chart planning area. Some items of treatment with default SNOMED codes attached could re-appear on a patients chart showing as completed treatment if they had previously been charged and then resubmitted before being deleted.

  • Patient Experience: Fixed an issue where Health Screening icon were not being displayed if triggered via Automatic Appointment Reminders.

  • ALT reference numbers are now generated in a way that will not cause duplicate values.

  • Loyalty bonuses/limit boosts are now associated to the correct patient when processing Tyro claims.

  • Performance IMPROVEMENT Performance has been improved for the TC process if there is only one instance of a patient file open.

  • Ireland: An issue has been resolved where patient Medical cards could not be validated.

  • Improved our handling of date formats when receiving baby due date from the FP17PR form, returned from Patient Experience.

  • stability EMAIl Service The email service will no longer return an unhealthy status when the email module is not registered.

  • PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT Quick note lists will now load significantly faster.

  • Fixed an issue where EXACT was not saving Connect claims (Tyro & Whitecoat) if the course of treatment had a payor.

  • PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT The chart history has been made a lot faster which will be most noticeable where a patient has a large number of long clinical notes.

  • PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT A further approximately 10% improvement in speed when saving the chart.

  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused the wrong version of the Patient Experience Health Screening form to be sent to patients.

  • PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT The save and TC processes on the chart will now complete approximately twice as fast, which is noticeable where the patient history contains a large number of notes or treatment records.

  • NHS England, Wales, and Isle of Man: Changed the wording of the Advanced Perio root surface clinical dataset to Advanced Perio (RSD) to closer match the NHS wording. This text change will be noticeable in the “FP17/O Data Set” dropdown when editing a service, and on the FP17 TC dialog.


  • NHS Wales: BPE data for Wales for Courses of Treatment on or after 01/04/2022.

  • The contact button on the live chat sidebar will now show the “Alternative Contact Methods” dialogue. The dialogue has also been updated so clicking the email address will open the default email client.

  • NHS Wales: NHS changes that will come into effect on the 1/4/22:

    • The urgent care checkbox will be removed from the NHS Risk Assessment form as it will no longer be required for Acorn data capture from 1/4/22

    • A patient's plaque score as recorded in the NHS Risk Assessment form will be included in NHS claims from 1/4/22

  • The Help menu and workspace bar have been simplified when live chat is enabled:

  • NHS Wales: The Acorn risk assessment form will no longer allow a user to say that a patient is both under 12 and edentulous. As of 1/12/2021 the user will only be able to select one of these options at a time, to ensure the correct data is being sent to the NHS.

Exact 13.499 PF1 - 15/11/2021

Issues Resolved

  • A new version of Clinipad is included in this point fix, that resolves an issue where Clinipad was incorrectly displaying the text If you drink alcohol, how many units per day?. This has been fixed to display the text If you drink alcohol, how many units per week?.

Exact 13.499 - 4/11/2021

Issues Resolved

  • To avoid sending patient’s a link to the Patient Portal that doesn’t work, EXACT will now check each time that they have a valid record on the portal and tell the portal to create a new record if they don’t.


  • NHS England, Wales and Isle of Man: NHS Bands & fees are now automatically downloaded, ready to be applied from their effective date.

Exact 13.495 - 1/11/2021

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed an issue that caused a new patient to get duplicate records if they were subsequently sent a welcome email containing a patient portal link.

  • EVOLUTION: Added missing Dutch translation for tele dentistry and outstanding SMS/Email form templates.

  • EVOLUTION: Added missing Dutch localizations in some areas of EVOLUTION.


  • NHS England, Wales and Isle of Man: EXACT will now automatically roll over your regular NHS contracts 30 days ahead of their expiry date ready for the next year. You can manage which contracts are automatically rolled over by ticking or unticking the “Contract Rolls Over” checkbox on the Edit Contract window accessed from the File, NHS Contracts menu.

Exact 13.485 - 28/10/2021

Issues Resolved

  • An issue with the services has been fixed that could cause some features in Exact to stop responding correctly. Affected services could include the appointment reminders, portal forms or online appointments not updating or the presentation manager not working.

  • FP17PR forms that patients have not completed correctly on the Patient Portal will now be saved in the Contacts tab. Invalid NHS forms will not change the colour of the Portal Forms icon to green on the Arrivals tab of the Appointment Book. Invalid NHS forms will not be able to link with Course of Treatments.

  • Fixed an issue where Short Notice List SMS reminders were occasionally not automatically generating

  • EVOLUTION: A new configuration setting has been added to set the timeout for the BSN. If you experience a timeout when checking for BSN numbers you can experiment with longer timeouts to resolve the problem by changing this setting from the Configure, Settings menu option. new configuration has been added to set the timeout for the BSN check
    practice.nld.webservices.bsn timeout

  • Fixed an issue on the video tab where a patient's image could very rarely be overwritten by another image imported later on the same day by changing file name to include a timestamp.

  • Fixed an issue in the arrivals window where Patient Portal form icons would not display correctly if the patient had the same form requested more than 30 days in the past and it is still outstanding.

  • EVOLUTION: Added missing translations for updating online information in the patient information.

  • EVOLUTION: Fixed an issue that was causing the service text in chart history to not display correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where under some circumstances, automatic SMS reminders were not being generated.

  • When sending Patient Portal links to patients, EXACT will now check that the link is valid before sending it. If the link is not valid, it will attempt to create a new Patient Portal link.

  • Made changes to the Soei.RemoteSupportLauncher.exe so it no longer gets falsely flagged by (Kaspersky) anti-virus software when it tries to be installed.


  • NHS England and Isle of Man: You can now select if a Course of Treatment included Flexible Commissioning in the TC dialogue.

  • NHS Scotland and Northern Ireland: As an extension to the automated fee download feature, an instant message will be used to notify admin users when NHS fees are automatically downloaded and imported by EXACT.

  • NHS England and Wales: NHS Contact Preferences in the exemptions window will now default the patients communication preference to email or mobile if either of them are available. If both are available, email will take priority

  • NHS Wales: Acorn form changes for Perio Health/BPE window that will be automatically applied from the 1st of December, 2021. Two new fields have been added, Patient is edentulous in the Relevant History tab, and Patient unable to tolerate periodontal examination in the Perio Health tab.
    - If Patient is edentulous is checked in the , then the Perio Health will not be able to be edited
    - If Patient unable to tolerate periodontal examination is checked, the other perio health information will not be able to be edited

  • NHS Scotland and Northern Ireland: NHS fee updates will now be downloaded and imported automatically when the next fee file update occurs, preventing users from needing to do this themselves in future.

  • NHS England, Wales and Isle of Man: Added new Clinical Data Set categories & services when completing NHS treatment. The new Clinical Data Set categories will automatically appear after the 1st of December 2021.
    A feature flag can be used to control this date: Internal.payor.nhs.01122021 changes

  • NHS Wales and Isle of Man: Added functionality to record how many aerosol generating procedure (AGP) appointments are done per course of treatment.

    • NHS Claiming: AGP appointment count will now be added to claims for Wales and IOM for courses of treatment started on or after 01/12/2021.

    • An AGP check box has been added to the edit service item window to allow practices to configure which services are counted towards the AGP total.

    • The TC dialog shows the AGP count so that users can confirm it is correct before sending the claim.

  • Two merge fields have been added that show longer date formats for the short notice gaps. These can be use to provide a better patient experience in TXT messages.
    [patient.shortnoticegapmid] e.g. 17/9/2021 @ 08:35am
    [patient.shortnoticegaplong] e.g. Fri 17th Sep 2021 @ 08:35am

  • Added three new buttons to the live, ‘Contact', ‘Help', and ‘Remote'. The ‘Contact’ button will open the 'Getting Help’ window. The 'Help’ button will open help documentation. The 'Remote’ button will open the remote support dialog.

  • Apollo will now use IoT Hub in Azure to make connections to EXACT servers.

  • Scotland and Northern Ireland NHS: When the Download fees button is selected, EXACT will update fees for all active NHS payors and show the effective date of the fee update on the payor window.

Exact 13.456 - 6/9/2021

Issues Resolved

  • PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT Made performance improvements when opening and closing the Chart History window for patients that have a large number of notes or custom screens.


  • A new patient query has been added to allow users to search for patients who have or have not been communicated to from a selected template in the last X months.

Beta release notes : https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PHS/pages/343638355