Exact Release Notes

For Dutch Release notes see: https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/EHF/pages/1370161949

Exact release notes provide information on the features and improvements in each release. This page includes release notes for feature releases, platform releases and bug fix releases.

- Current Versions -

Exact 13.424 - 26/7/2021


  • Fixed a problem that could cause incoming SMS replies to fail to match to a patient's mobile number.

  • A warning will now be shown if a mobile number cannot be converted to the correct format (E164) when adding/editing a patient's mobile field. This check is on by default but can be turned off in the Patient File. If mobile phone is marked as a mandatory field, it will also check and warn about existing numbers that are not in the correct format when saving.

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for a crash in the Transport service which would sometimes cause it not to start up.

  • Multiple minor fixes for the SNOMED functionality.

    • SNOMED will now work for Scottish NHS courses if desired by the practice.

    • EXACT will now save the Snomed items against a service even if the service is ticked as not requiring SNOMED codes. It is now the providers choice (Jira EX-61435).

    • It is now possible to edit the SNOMED items for a charged/completed chart item. This functionality will be reviewed again once there is further guidance on what the SNOMED codes will be used for.

  • Fix for the Relay service which would occasionally cause it not to start properly, and which could end up with it re-starting in a loop.

  • Fix to change the calculation for NHS form requests to look at the dentist field instead of the original booked provider (Jira EX-61214).

  • Fix to resolve an issue where patients would sometimes see an error that says “A Problem Has Occurred” on the Online Booking portal, which required the EXACT services to be restarted (Jira EX-60885).

  • Fix for crash in the cache mechanism which occured occassionally when two parts of EXACT try to read or edit a setting at the same time which could cause the program to exit unexpectedly.

Exact 13.418 - 15/7/2021


  • NLD Evolution: Patient’s email and home or mobile phone number are now prevented from appearing in MZ301 claim files if the Clearing house to send paper invoices to patient checkbox is ticked in the patient’s file (Jira EX-61414).

  • Clinipad: The patient demographics form has been re-arranged to cut down on the number of requests for help to reception when patients have to fill it in. The Medicare field has been moved down and a label added to indicate that it and the work information fields are optional.

  • NLD Evolution: Evolution will now warn users when creating COTs that will result in non-compliant claim files for Vecozo (Jira EX-61207).

  • Users can now choose to include email signatures in replies and forwards. This email signature option can be accessed from the Configure, Automatic Appointment Reminders wizard in EXACT (Jira EX-59902).

  • Attachments are no longer included in email replies, as per standard email behaviour, preventing unnecessary large email sizes.

Issues Resolved

  • Fix to stop EXACT attempting to create appointment reminders when sites don’t have email or SMS setup. 

  • NLD Evolution: Fix for NLD-LAB / L00 codes are not being included in the MZ claim file in certain situations (Jira EX-61319).

  • Stability improvement: Instead of exiting the Relay service will now wait if the database does not respond immediately. When the database is ready the Relay will automatically continue.

  • Fix for the EXACT Configure Settings window not displaying correctly for Computer, User and Location sertting in some situations (Jira EX-61442).

  • For practices using the location feature with online booking fixed an issue with the location field not being set in appointment records (Jira EX-60869).

  • Performance improvement: Removed unnecessary disk access where it was necessary to look up the Payor type for a particular COT. This results in faster updates for the chart and the appointment book.

  • Performance improvement: Removed a large amount of unnecessary disk accesses when TCing an NHS COT which has the Triage tab. The result is that these COT can now be TC’d much more quickly.

  • Fix for a workstation install issue that could cause the installer to freeze and not finish resulting in the Exact icon not being available after an automatic update.

  • Performance improvement: The amount of disk access has been dramatically reduced when loading the patient chart with SNOMED features enabled making the chart load more quickly.

  • Performance improvement: Unnecessary disk access was removed when editing or saving the chart whilst checking to see if other users were locking a chart item.

  • NLD Evolution: Fix for warnings in Dutch referencing DPSI instead PPS.

  • Performance improvement: Reduced disk access to the disk while performing orphaned Course of Treatment checks so that the patient chart loads more quickly.

  • Performance improvement: Reduced the number of times the network share path is accessed to improve performance of EXACT across the network.

  • Performance improvement: Used a data cache to load popup chart when the data was already in memory in order to reduce disk access in the chart.

  • Practice Information is now updated for Patient Experience even if OLB is not registered (Jira EX-61339).

Exact 13.403 - 21/6/2021


  • Service descriptions are now displayed on the workflow sidebar tooltips. (Jira EX-36727).

  • NLD Evolution: Evolution is now using the correct version of PIEN, after it changed to version 2.0 (Jira EX-61059).

Issues Resolved

  • Performance improvement: Fix to speed up the drawing of appointment on the chart tab when they have been collapsed to show on a single line.

Exact 13.400 - 22/6/2021


  • Fix for Email server intermittently crashing soon after starting up.

  • Fix for users having to mark patients as arrived twice if using List Appointments Screen/Arrivals Tab (Jira EX-60975).

  • EXACT now sends the Privacy Policy Link in the correct format and specifies markdown when sending to the subscription provider (Jira EX-61359).

  • Patients won’t be onboarded to the Patient Portal if they don't have email or sms.

  • An Appointment Book wizard button has been updated to reflect its ability to create both users and providers.

  • NHS England: Friends and Family Survey wording has been updated as per new NHS guidelines (Jira EX-59997).

Issues Resolved

  • A memory leak was found and fixed in the Worker service.

  • Fix for Patient Experience error 500 when requesting forms (Jira EX-61309).

  • A private health fund claiming issue was corrected, where the invoice/service item was not being processed correctly for a family claim.

  • Fix for EXACT throwing an exception when trying to save the number of available licenses check at login if no licenses were created.

  • MFA: The relevant patient details are now sent to 3PD every time a portal link is generated (Jira EX-61296).

  • NLD Evolution: EXACT is no longer prompting for DPSI when completing a treatment if PPS is turned on.

  • Fix for Short Notice Confirmation Reply not going to patients who have successfully booked their appointment via Short Notice List (Jira EX-61239).

  • Fix for EXACT not respecting the private health fund claiming printing options. EXACT will no longer print a copy of the patient’s statement if the user has selected to print on the terminal only. (Jira EX-61221).

Exact 13.368 PF1 - 3/6/2021

Issues Resolved

  • MFA: The relevant patient details are now sent to 3PD every time a portal link is generated (Jira EX-61296).

  • Fix to the Server installer which would sometimes cause the workstations to not install automatically. If the workstation resource folder is already correctly shared, the server install will no longer attempt to create it.

Exact 13.377 - 20/5/2021


  • The EXACT MPC Workspace URL is now updated to load the correct login page (Jira EX-61206).

  • Stage, grade and stability fields were added to the BPE Screen. Users can optionally enter this data and a diagnosis statement if they wish. If entered, this data will be displayed on the patient toolbar (Jira EX-59200).

  • Relay Service reliability improvements: The relay service can now handle requests from other service more quickly and efficiently so that it doesn’t get overloaded and crash. This in turn makes all the services more reliable.

  • Update of development tools to Visual Studio 2019. Please note that the self check-in module (APC) will stop working after this update.

  • Added a control to user settings to allow users to turn on or off the boxes that can show x-rays around the tooth chart.

  • Changed the user interface for buttons that link to a Twain device to scan or capture images. Buttons will now stay enabled and clicking on them will search for new Twain image sources if a device is not already connected.

  • Added a control to user settings to allow users to add contact information. This provides a central accessible place to store the practice directory.

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for HSO Payments not allocating correctly in EXACT, in certain scenarios (Jira EX-60101)

  • The text in the Appointment Book Setup Wizard has been changed from "user names" to "User Settings".

  • Fix for emails sometimes sending multiple times. Sometime on slow connections the email would time out in such a way that the retry limit was bypassed, Emails should now try a maximum of 3 times after which no further attempts will be made (Jira EX-61029).

  • Fix to the Server installer which would sometimes cause the workstations to not install automatically. If the workstation resource folder is already correctly shared, the server install will no longer attempt to create it.

Exact 13.368 - 10/5/2021


  • X-Ray Audit Report Performance Improvement. The Xray audit report has been sped up by approximately 4-6 times. It has also been decked out with some progress bars so that you can see what stage it is up to. (Jira EX-54935).

  • The X-Ray Audit Report now allows for grades of A nd N to be correctly classified. Grade A stays in column 1 and N is added to column 3 allowing the report to remain backwards compatible with older data. The report now also shows Exposure information in the details section if this was captured. (Jira EX-60842).

Issues Resolved

  • Files that have excessively long names will no longer prevent network backups from completing (Jira EX-60540).

Exact 13.362 - 4/5/2021

Issues Resolved

  • NHS Wales: Decayed tooth numbers are now sent in additional claim cases (as advised by the NHS) to help prevent claim rejections (Jira EX-61219).

  • Fixed an issue which caused the Workstation install to stop unexpectedly whilst on the OLE Registration/Configuring Firewalls step (Jira EX-60898).

  • Fix for Images tab not updating automatically when new X-Rays are taken in Examine Pro (Jira EX-60924).

Exact 13.356 - 27/4/2021


  • NLD Evolution: The ability to create a PPS score for a patient is now available in EXACT (Jira EX-60173).

Issues Resolved

Exact 13.352 - 19/4/2021

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for appointment confirmation not being generated in EXACT when a patient replies "book" to a Short Notice List gap sms, despite the appointment getting booked (Jira EX-61052).

  • Fix to remove the Friends and Family Survey WPF wrapper control error that appeared when trying to do a survey (Jira EX-61196).

  • Improved the reliability of the server and workstation installs.

    • Issues relating to an empty resources folder or a missing excutable have been fixed. (EX-61071, EX-61053).

    • An issue which stopped the server install completing leave the server uninstalled has been fixed (EX-61079, EX-61178).

    • An issue which prevented the server install from starting properly has been fixed ('chocolateyPending' error)

    • An issue which stopped the workstation installer due to an OLE registration step has also been fixed (EX-60898)

  • Fix to remove the recall automation WPF wrapper control error that appeared when trying to add a contact method (Jira EX-61175).

  • Resolved a crash in the database service when it occasionally stopped unexpectedly when sending a GRPC message.

- Older Versions -


  • Snomed update for April 2021.

  • A ‘Created by’ label has been added to the ‘Edit Appointment’ screen, so that users can easily see the appointment creator. (Jira EX-61095).

  • Online Templates: Online templates can now be selected and used from the Recall Automation screens in EXACT. For more information on online templates see https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PHS/pages/1108934705

  • New security settings have been added to control a user's ability to edit the Provider and Hygienist fields on the patient file. (Jira EX-51124).

  • EXACT Registration: Users will no longer be prompted to register EXACT, this will happen automatically. (Jira EX-60170, EX-61022).

Issues Resolved

  • Patients are now correctly displayed in Care Manager after a database split has occurred. (Jira EX-60948).

  • Email Server improvements to prevent it crashing in certain circumstances. (Jira EX-60856, EX-60911, EX-60918, EX-60960).

  • Performance improvement: Removed unnecessary disk acces when load the patient chart history so that the history opens much more quickly. (Jira EX-60143: EX-61084: EX-61106)


  • EXACT will now automatically correct the login date, if the user leaves the login screen displayed overnight. This will prevent a previously confusing warning appearing as the user attempted to login with a previous date. (Jira EX-60559).

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for Rebate Estimate not sending the Provider Number through (Jira EX-59927).

  • Fix for EXACT placing the next item at the top of charting when adding another service to a COT after editing clinical note (Jira EX-60530).

  • Fix for version.txt having an incorrect number which could cause the workstation installer to launch unnecessarily.

  • SMS replies in Australia and New Zealand weren’t able to be found to match for some sites. This was due to the date format being received by the SMS provider in US format. This meant that during the first half of the month, replies would be saved in Exact on the wrong day (for example 2nd May instead of 5th Feb). This has been resolved.

  • NHS: When viewing electronically signed NHS forms a new pop-up message will notify users the form has been altered since the date it was originally signed. This is to alert users that the exemptions in Exact may differ from the electronic form being viewed and need to be reviewed.

    This will apply in England (FP17PR), Wales (FP17PRW), Northern Ireland (HS45PR) and Scotland (GP17PR) and to both Clinipad and Patient Portal forms.



  • The Appointment book spanner button has been moved on the standard appointment book to sit in line and to the right of the provider columns, to make it more discoverable.

  • Users are now warned if they use POP3 rather than IMAP when setting up email accounts, due to the risk of all inbox items being potentially removed from the mail server and downloaded to EXACT (Jira EX-60546).

  • Database connection reliability has been improved.

  • NHS Wales: A BPE refresh option has been added to the Risk Assessment form. This will allow users to easily pull through the patient’s latest BPE record, if it was recorded after the form was launched. (Jira EX-60696).

  • Improvements to the Appointment Book Wizard so that more appointment book related tasks (adding new providers, changing provider working hours and search and change options) can be accessed directly from it.

  • A new tool has been added to the EXACT Server Administrator that lets you view the status of your EXACT services and restart them if they are not running. To launch the tool, on the practice server, right click on the Server Administrator tray icon and select ‘Monitor Service Health…’ from the menu.

    This will launch the service monitor at the top of the screen.

    Each dot is a service. Green means the service is running, red means it is stopped. Click on the dot to start or stop the service.
    Please Note: Stopping/Restarting the SPR or DB services will kick every user out of EXACT and lose any unsaved changes.

    The toolbar can be slid up or down using the green arrow to keep it out of the way or it can be pinned using the thumbtack. Hover over the dots for more information about the service.

Issues Resolved

  • NHS England: Fix for auto notes preventing TC if charted after treatment on a COT that contains triage services (Jira EX-61023).

  • Fix for the Remote Support launcher crashing on querying version.

  • Fix for Web Installer on Windows 7 that under certain rare circumstances would prevent EXACT from installing.

  • Fix for the workstation installer sometimes getting stuck and leaving the update icon on the desktop.

Issues Resolved

  • NHS England: Fix for auto notes preventing TC if charted after treatment on a COT that contains triage services (Jira EX-61023).


  • Online Templates: A scheduled task was created to automatically download the latest version of online templates. This will ensure any updated online templates are applied to EXACT’s automated features in a timely manner. For more information on online templates see https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PHS/pages/1108934705

  • NLD Evolution: Vecozo moved their server which resulted in an issue sending claims. Evolution has been updated so claims will now send correctly.

  • NLD Evolution: practices can now change the COT payor like they could previously. This was changed to only be on the patient details for other regions but for Evolution practices this has been turned back on.

  • NHS England: Any non banded services will now be ignored as treatment on initial triage COT’s. Previously only Auto Notes were being excluded. This change allows users more flexibility to add items to an initial triage COT while maintaining its initial triage status. For more info on triage functionality see https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PHS/pages/1109950689

  • A ‘Copy Profile’ button was added to the Add User/Provider Wizard. New providers can now be easily created by using an existing provider’s settings and configurations as a base. (Jira EX-58870, EX-60574).

  • The 'Remote Support' menu entry in EXACT now launches a new application which allows a quick Bomgar connection to the support team member who is helping you.

  • NHS Scotland: the NHS forms a patient completes in the portal will populate the exemptions on the patient's COT.

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for the Remote Support launcher crashing on querying version.

  • Planned treatment links sent from Care Manager were setting the incorrect appointment length. Instead of using the main appointment length the link would be generated based on the sum of the services which would result in appointments being booked for too long or too short.

  • Stability fixes for EXACT Framework, Database and Relay services (Jira EX-60875, EX-60779, EX-60979).

  • The Framework service will now keep the last good list of databases it got from the Relay service, meaning intermittent Relay issues will not cause the Framework service to become unhealthy.

  • Fix for the Framework service stopping and not being automatically restarted.

  • Patient Portal: Some users would see an Error 53 (record is not unique on all indexes) when manually requesting some portal forms. This has been resolved.

  • Online Templates: Fix for the subject line of online email templates being incorrectly mapped in EXACT (Jira EX-60893).

  • Fix for EXACT crashing when attempting to match a patient to another patient that has made a booking, if the patient has a blank name (Jira EX-90965).

  • Fix for Workstation Installer not completing if the disk space was low.

  • Fix for the Server Installer sometimes taking hours to finish because it gets stuck "Setting file permissions to EXACT directories" (Jira EX-60349).

  • Fix for the Server Installer sometimes failing to properly share the ‘EXACTResources’ folder after an upgrade.

  • Fix for Support email addresses being out of date for some non-European regions.

  • NHS England: Fix for the initial triage being sent as an in-treatment triage when Autonote is added to an NHS Triage claim submission (Jira EX-60927). A rule was added to exclude auto notes as treatment.

  • Fix for Patient Record getting locked when trying to TC a COT from the Chart Screen if the address is incomplete (Jira EX-60929).

Issues Resolved

  • NHS England - NHS England Triage - Removed a claim overlap warning that was displayed when TCing a triage COT. The warning was not required as sending Triage COT’s does not cause an overlapping claim condition.


  • The Connect user registration window no longer prompts automatically on EXACT login, for Practices signed up with Connect. Users who did not want to register found this an unnecessary extra step each time they logged into EXACT. A user can now choose to register with Connect via a ‘Register Online’ button from the EXACT User Setting window.

  • NHS England - The NHS Triage feature upgrade notification has been released.

  • Patient Portal - When phone numbers are saved in Exact from the patient details form the country code is no longer displayed. For example, +64212233445 will now be saved as 0212233445

  • The need to re-index the Appointment table was removed so that upgrade times would not be extended unnecessarily.

  • NHS - Updated button for sending NHS forms to Clinipad devices from the exemptions window. Users can now send to Clinipad in one click. The main button will automatically send to the device named, or users can select the drop down and chose another device from the list. The users preferred device will be defaulted.



  • Client side telemetry and feature usage tracking were added for some features.

  • A Payor column is now available in the Arrivals tab and will display the appointment payor.

Issues Resolved

  • A fix for a crash that occurred when a patient books online and has the same date of birth and sex as a patient record with an invalid mobile number. Exact would crash when opening the appointment book if the online appointments tab was in focus, or when opening the online appointments tab once on the appointment book.

  • NHS England - NHS England Triage - Removed warnings on optional fields to reduce confusion.

  • Fix for a problem that would sometime stop the transport service from starting up.

  • Fix for workstation installer which would sometimes fail to update because it was blocked from removing the old workstation updater.

  • Fix an issue for new server installs where it could infinitely retry asking for a country code if there was a problem with the user name.

  • NLD Evolution: Fix for Dutch insurance claims not being picked up in 'samenvatting declaraties'.

  • Fix for an issue where users were being told that an error had occurred while trying to delete a chart item that had not yet been saved.

  • Fix for “Created By” date on the edited appointment record displaying the incorrect date in some circumstances. This issue was introduced in 13.215 https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PHS/pages/817594380/Exact+Release+Notes#Exact-13.215---9%2F10%2F2020


  • NHS England - The NHS Triage feature upgrade notification has been released.

  • NHS England - NHS Triage data can now be submitted from EXACT. For more information see https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PHS/pages/1109950689

  • Patient Portal: New error messages explain to users why Patient Portal isn’t available for certain patients. For example, the patient has opted out of using portal or the patient does not have a mobile number to receive their verification code for log in (verification codes for log in are coming soon).

  • More logging was added to the workstation install to better catch any remaining failures.

  • The default text set for Email smart sections have been updated to more seamlessly merge with email templates.

  • Logging has been increased to diagnose Transport service not starting properly sometimes.

  • The network backup performance improvement released in 13.215 https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PHS/pages/817594380/Exact+Release+Notes#Exact-13.215---9%2F10%2F2020 has now been turned on by default for all sites.

Issues Resolved

  • The Database Service will be automatically restarted if it runs out of threads. User will be able to retry their connections and and resume work instead of manually having to restart the services on the server.

  • Fix for workstation installer which would sometimes fail to update because it was blocked from removing the old workstation updater.

  • Fix for the update icon being occasionally left behind on the desktop.

  • Fix for an issue where the Transport service could be slow to start, and get re-started before it had a chance to report a healthy status.

  • The Exact installer has been made more robust to recover from some upgrade conditions where the services could not be restarted.

  • Occasionally stock item payments from online payment providers were being recorded in Exact with the amounts doubled. The charge to the patient was not being doubled, only the entry in Exact. Payment entries in Exact now always match what was charged to the patient.


Issues Resolved

  • Workstation installer now shows an updating symbol on the Exact Icon whilst an update is in progress. If a user tries to log in whilst this is happening, they will see a message to wait and try again later.

  • Firewall exception added to server install so that workstation can more easily access the server when updating. This results in the installer running approximately 30 seconds faster.

  • Fix for certain practices experiencing crashing due to antivirus changes. Some antivirus systems caused the server to run out of memory/threads because workstations were forced to reconnect every few seconds. The server now cleans up and recovers the lost memory much more quickly.


  • Online Templates: EXACT now shows the online templates even if a Connect user isn't logged in. Online templates are created in Connect (our web platform) and can be made available to a wider group of practices to save time for corporate customers managing communication templates. This feature allows templates to be viewed and selected without every EXACT user needing to be registered with Connect. For more information about Connect and online templates see https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PHS/pages/1108934705.

  • Patient Portal Quick Links: Send patients their portal link with one click.


    Email and SMS templates have been created with the code ‘QUICKLINK’.  To customise the messages, edit the templates as you normally would by going to Configure>Email Templates or Configure>SMS Templates and select the template with code ‘QUICKLINK’. Once you have saved your changes this will update immediately.



    SMS (Characters make less than 1 SMS):

  • Patient Portal NHS: Red text will display on the Exemptions screen when a COT doesn't have a signed electronic NHS form linked. This is in response to feedback that providers didn’t know that an NHS form hadn’t been completed.

  • Patient Portal: Default templates for quicklinks have been set so users won’t need to create and select them. Quicklinks are coming soon - send portal links with one click from the Patient Portal window to save time when patients need to complete their forms and need a new link.

Issues Resolved

  • Patient Portal: Fix for titles being returned in all capitals from the patient details form. Titles are now saved in sentence case

  • Patient Portal: Fix for SMS mobile not being ticked when a new mobile number is entered via Patient Portal. SMS mobile will now be ticked when mobile numbers are entered in the patient details form.

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for EXACT crashing when returning CliniPad EXACT.

  • Fix for telemetry causing services to stop unexpectedly.

  • Fix for EXACT crashing when selecting 'Kiosk Management' from the Configure>Patient Experience window.

  • The arrivals tab was causing a performance issue on the appointment book where arriving an appointment would freeze and take a long time to update, or not arrive the patient until selecting ‘arrive’ second time. This was caused by too many database hits when loading / re-loading the tab. Enhancements have been made to reduce the number of hits to improve appointment book performance.

  • Fix for telemetry enricher in services failing to initialize metadata.


  • Online Booking: Improvements to the rules that determine if a patient record created via online booking is a potential duplicate of an existing patient. If a patient record created via online booking matches either of the following, it will be flagged as potentially duplicate:

    1. If the first name and last name are an exact match

    2. If sex and date of birth are an exact match and at least one of the following match:

      1. email

      2. phone

      3. surname

    Potential duplicates are flagged on the online appointments tab with the triangle icon shown below.

  • Foundational work for a more reliable replacement workstation installer has been shipped. This doesn’t do anything yet, and will be activated by a later update.

  • A new email template selector introduces search functionality.

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for the framework service occasionally not starting correctly or starting slowly on some systems.

  • Patient Portal: A fix for practices who were experiencing issues (53 error) requesting forms as a result of using family appointments. Please contact support if you see this error and they can apply this fix.


  • The upgrade notification has been changed to always display the first time a user logs in after an upgrade.

  • Patient Portal: Form icons are now available to use on the List Appointments Screen so users can see which forms a patient has completed.

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for an issue where the Transport service could be slow to start, and get re-started before it had a chance to report a healthy status.

  • The Exact installer has been made more robust to recover from some upgrade conditions where the services could not be restarted.

  • Occasionally stock item payments from online payment providers were being recorded in Exact with the amounts doubled. The charge to the patient was not being doubled, only the entry in Exact. Payment entries in Exact now always match what was charged to the patient.


  • Ability to specify the installation folder for SoeAdmin tool.

  • Additional telemetry has been added to better track issues and give insight to allow support to give better service to our customers.

  • The SMS selector has a new column called ‘Type’ to specify if a template is a practice template, or an online one. Online templates are coming soon, they will be created in Connect to be made available to a wider group of practices to save time for corporate customers managing communication templates.

  • Northern Ireland: The NHS Registration Date field is now editable, to ensure its accuracy when sending registration only claims to the NHS.

  • The appointment creation time was added to the appointment information window. The last edited date was also removed for new appointments, to prevent confusion.


  • A redesign of the way patient lists are generated is underway. The first part of this is now in the software as a replacement screen where new queries are generated. This is turn off by default, but you can preview the early draft of this screen by changing the setting setting patient.query.use classic window to zero. Many more changes an updates to come in later updates.

  • Search functionality has been added to all SMS template selector windows.

  • The email and sms selectors in Care Manager have a new column called ‘Type’ to specify if a template is a practice template, or an online one. Online templates are coming soon, they will be created in connect to be made available to a wider group of practices to save time for corporate customers managing communication templates.

  • The title 'Mx' has been added as an option on the patient file in EXACT. Mx (Mixter) is a title commonly used by non-binary people as well as those who do not identify with the gender binary.

  • The installer now supports rapid delivery of new versions to customer groups that require urgent changes compliance issues. e.g new government regulations.

  • Examine Pro: Images will now load 2 to 5 times faster when changing patients depending on your system configuration.

  • Examine Pro: If Examine Pro is closed accidentally it will now re-launch when clicking on the Examine Pro launch button in the chart tab without having to log out of Exact and back in again. Some largely unused controls have been hidden by default to simplify the user interface.

  • Patient Portal: The New Zealand health screening form has been updated to align with the latest Ministry of Health guidelines released on 24 August.
    If a patient selects yes to any of the questions on this form, an infectious medical alert will be set.
    Reception can review the medical alerts on the arrivals tab on the appointment book, and a pop-up note will be set to alert anyone opening the patient file.

Issues Resolved

  • The Network Backup performance has been improved by only copying files that have changed since the last backup. This functionality is available via a setting turned on by support and will be enabled more widely in a future release.

  • Fix for practices using the ‘Practice Live Link’ button to get information directly from Simply Health about their Denplan patients. A recent change to the popup browser caused the link to stop working, but this functionality has now been restored.

  • Fix for an error being displayed when logging in EXACT the first time. The error comes up with the SOE Connect registration prompt.

  • When a draft email was deleted either from the Outbox, or from the patients Contact tab, a ‘ghost’ record was left behind. A change has been added to this release so that the draft email is properly deleted.

  • Exact Update Installer

    • A reindex for the Notes table was being done occasionally when it wasn’t necessary. This took a long time, especially if it happened more than once. The reindex will now only occur it is needed.

    • The update install is now able to check the disk space requirements for practice thats have multiple entries in the databases.ini file using a UNC path.

    • The update will no longer force an reboot if it is being run in silent mode.

    • The update is now better able to determine the install country for automated installs - this consistently causes the auto-update process to fail for a small percentage of sites.

  • Fix for freeze on Chart screen. When a user is working on the chart, generally TCing, EXACT needs to lock the patients chart to ensure the data is saved correctly. This used to appear as a “freeze” when another user tried to access the patients chart during this process. The user will now be warned instead of seeing this apparent “freeze”, until the TC process is complete. This functionality is available via a setting turned on by support and will be enabled more widely in a future release.

  • When exporting a contact list it now correctly defaults to .csv format.

  • NLD Evolution: Fix for treatment plans disappearing from the chart tab.

  • Fix for crash that could occur when the login window was dragged causing it to close unexpectedly.

  • https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PHS/pages/845512720 The [provider.teledentistryLink] merge field will now look up the link for the appointment provider for communications sent in the context of an appointment, e.g. an appointment reminder. For communications sent elsewhere it will use the link for the patient’s dentist.

  • Fix for a crash that could occur when receiving an instant message.

  • Fix for GDI handle leaking in CChartManager, BaseWpfWrapper and other areas.

  • Fix for crash that could occur when the mouse is hovered over the Short Notice list in the appointment book.

  • NHS Wales: EXACT will no longer incorrectly request Perio data on the ACORN risk assessment form if the patient is ticked as not being able to tolerate a BPE exam.

  • NHS Scotland: Claims containing services 4004, 4005 or 4006 can now be claimed correctly. EXACT was previously not including the required tooth notation for these services, which could cause claim rejection.

  • Conversions: The XML import was improved so it does not need any re-indexing of EXACT tables after importing


  • Conversions: Support for deciduous teeth and "entire tooth" / "central position" treatment items in XML Outputter.

Issues Resolved

  • Network Backup enhanced to no longer get stuck on certain unnecessary files.

  • Fix for a crash where the practice logo on the background screen failed to load occasionally. This would have been seen as Exact exiting suddenly shortly after logon.

  • Fix for a common crash where the medical history indicator was being updated on the arrivals list. This could cause random exits from Exact at almost any time as the list was updating in the background.

  • PF5 - Fix for a crash introduced in 13.190 that could cause an unexpected shut down of Exact when editing a patient's contact preferences.


  • https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PHS/pages/880148776 Charging through with a treatment plan payor that doesn’t match the patient’s payor is now prevented and an option to move to new plan is given. This will prevent a lot of rework where a resubmission is required for incorrectly charged treatment.

  • https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PHS/pages/880148776 For UK and Ireland there is now a warning to providers if they are about to charge through treatment to a Payor that doesn’t match the one set for the patient.

  • Users will now be notified when Exact has been updated since the last time they logged in. The notification will give them access to the release notes and any feature highlights.

  • Database, framework and transport services were added to the Supervisor service. The Supervisor service, monitors all the other services to keep them healthy and log any problems.

  • Patient Portal: To comply with GDPR requirements for subject erasure requests you can now https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PHS/pages/917438894 . This will prevent stop further processing of patient data with the portal.
    If this is ticked, patients will no longer be able to receive links to complete their forms online or self-check-in.
    This is in response to GDPR requirements in the UK but is available in all countries.

  • Practices can now see when their automatic updates are scheduled for by going to the Help menu and selecting the About screen. Please contact support if your upgrade night hasn’t been scheduled yet or for any further information.

Issues Resolved

  • Patient Portal: When patient self-checked in for their appointment, a failed to check-in message was displaying to the patient. The arrival icon on the appointment was also not displaying unless the appointment book was closed and re-opened. This been fixed - the correct arrival message now displays to the patient and the arrival icon displays automatically.

  • England - Display fix for NHS Aresol Generating Procedures (AGP) field being partially obscured on the TC FP17 Dialog for incomplete treatment claims.

  • Patient PortalWales: Fix for the portal forms column on the arrivals tab. The NHS form icon now displays for the FP17PRW form.

  • Fix for chart screen freezing if another workstation has the Recall Prompt open as a result of a patient save or charging treatment. Fixes for other freezing scenarios will follow. This is a setting based fix and will be enabled for sites by support.

  • The character limit for the merge field [patient.nextapptprovider] has been increased to stop it cutting off long provider names when using co-duties appointment booking method.


  • Scotland NHS: A ‘View’ button was added to the ‘Approvals’ tab in the appointment book. This allows both Prior Approval and Ortho applications to be easily launched and accessed from this location.

Issues Resolved

  • Wales NHS: Old ACORN assessment data sent with FP17W claims will now be accessible when viewing historical treatment.

  • Security - email templates: Users can no longer add, edit or delete email templates from the template selector window. Template management can be done via the configure menu. This allows practices to manage who can add, edit and delete email templates using the security setting.
    Note: the same change has been applied for sms templates in 13.185

  • SFD to EXACT conversion: Improvement of XML import behaviour when a patient has a large number of treatments.

  • Wording clarification on the ‘Search and Change’ wizard when moving appointments for providers.

  • England NHS: The NI number is now validated at the TC time, so claims can't be sent without the NI number if it is required. A standard error message will be displayed if it is invalid.

  • Fix for ''Price'' or “Price 2” not showing in some circumstances in the chart service list.

  • The new email selector window was flashing when opened, this has been fixed.

  • Exact install now won’t fail if the disk space check doesn’t give a valid answer.

  • Fix for Workflow - Depart bar prompting to book recall and planned treatment at the same time. This can be turned on the Exact settings. If turned on, where there is both a planned and recall prompt, the prompt to book the recall will be hidden .


  • Scotland: The embedded browser has been added for Scottish eDental worklfows to create a more seamless, integrated solution. Launching the embedded browser for eDental workflows; the Private Ortho button on the chart; and the Ortho button on the Chart History window are now all enabled by default. https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PHS/pages/845578763

  • Scotland NHS: 17th August 2020 (SDR 147) - EXACT now supports claiming of the new 1446 filing service included in the latest Scottish NHS COVID Fee File.

  • Customers that use our tools URV & SOEadmin can now install using Chocolatey.

  • A right click menu entry has been added to the chart screen to move uncharged treatment to a new plan so that if a patient changes payor half way through a plan the pricing can be updated without re-charting.

  • The patient’s payor is now shown on the arrival screen.


Issues Resolved

  • Exact installer has been changed to reduce the incidents where Antivirus software misidentifies it as a virus and quarantine some files causing a failed update.

  • England NHS: The NHS England FP17 "Aerosol Generating Procedure Appointments" field now only accepts 2 digits to match NHS data entry expectations.


Issues Resolved

  • Fix for EXACT Chocolatey package not re-downloading the installer if it failed validation.


  • TeleDentistry: https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PHS/pages/845512720 Appointment reminders that only provides TeleDentistry links for TeleDentistry appointments can now be sent via SMS and email.

  • England NHS: AGP - Aerosol Generating Procedure appointment count is now available for sending with FP17 claims. https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PHS/pages/845479957

  • ‘Cancel’ button was removed from the classic installer once the installation is in progress.

  • Implementation of the EXACT side of Apollo PayorsPlugin.

  • Northern Ireland NHS: Fee File for August 2020 is available for import from EXACT (if not already downloaded from the portal).

  • Scotland NHS: Covid Fee File SDR146 now available for import from EXACT (if not already downloaded from the portal).

Issues Resolved

  • Appointment providers are no longer being overwritten for new patients.

  • Fix for slowness and crashing on all PCs at Teachers Union Health site.

  • Databases listed in database.ini will always be backed up during a ‘fresh’ install.

  • Fix for TeleDentistry section making the Stickman Queue overlap.

  • Scotland NHS: Fix for "Quad Helix Present" information not being carried across into SOEConnect, resulting in Ortho PA failure.


Issues Resolved

  • Patient Portal: Fix for failing to update the portal URL after the merge of patient files.



  • Creation of settings for smart template sections.

  • Providers can now see a tick box for "SNOMED Not required for this service code" when on the SNOMED Service selector. This will save them time as they will not have to edit each service item they don’t want the SNOMED pop up to appear for.

  • The “reboot is required” flag should not get stuck anymore and it won’t prevent the installer from running.

  • Patient Portal: The default Terms of Use for Patient Experience has been updated to the latest version.

  • Patient Portal: Appointment reminders that only ask patients to complete portal forms if they have outstanding forms are now sent via SMS.

  • TeleDentistry: A new appointment category called Teledentistry is now available.

  • TeleDentistry: A new upgrade process will populate the defaults, so practice managers can start using them straight away.

  • TeleDentistry: A field to store the TeleDentistry link was added for each dentist. This was also made a merge field.

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for iCal appointment times being incorrect .

  • Fix for charging through a COT resetting the progress arrow to the top of treatment.

  • Patient Portal: Fix for onboarding button not working due to leading spaces on email addresses in EXACT.

  • Patient Portal: Removal of patient identifiable information when onboarding.

  • Patient Portal: Fix for automatic appointment reminder form requests causing issues with family appointments.

  • Fix for Web Installer failing to update on auto upgrade.

  • Fix for ‘Charge’ button always being enabled in the charting tab.

  • Fix for pricing method being incorrect on services since upgrade from 12.13.

  • Fix for Patient Portal links being broken due to an extra "HTTP://" string before the URL merge field. The HTML Editor is now back to ON by default.


  • The new HTML Editor is now defaulted to ON for all sites.

  • Online Registration flag is now defaulted to ON for all sites.

  • SNOMED: A database upgrade step was added to set more service defaults. This upgrade step only applies to databases with NHS enabled payors (except for Scotland), regardless of the SNOMED flag

  • Scotland NHS: fix for new COVID codes conflicting with occasional treatment

  • Scotland NHS: New Scottish Filling Codes 1445, 1881 and 1882 are now added to the fillings list in EXACT.

Issues Resolved

  • Web Installer reliability improvement

  • SOE EMail Server: Fix for too many connections to Netcom servers causing automatic IP black list

  • Fix for HTML .NET error when saving email templates if the HTML editor tab is opened, but not the WYSIWYG tab.

  • Fix for EXACT freezing when clicking Attach and sending an email.

  • Patient Portal: Fix for FP17PR Forms not Linking to COTs.

  • Patient Portal: Fix for inability to request FP17PRW forms for Welsh NHS sites.

  • Patient Portal: Change in outstanding forms logic to update single appointments.

  • Fix for EXACT Server upgrades leaving behind old services that cannot be removed, causing issues with the new services.

  • Fix for Port 22012 missing and causing Appointment Book slowness & Patient Portal form sending issues.

  • Fix for duplicate appointment reminders being sent for audited appointments.


  • Patient Portal: Patients can now complete the COVID-19 triage form before their appointment https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PHS/pages/731349462

  • Patient Portal: Alert flags are set based on the responses to the Health Screen Questionnaire. This way, receptionists can see if patients are infectious or vulnerable

  • Patient Portal: A new icon representing the health screening form is now available on the ‘Outstanding Forms’ column in the ‘Arrivals’ tab. This way, receptionists can see if patients have completed their health screening and ensure forms are completed before appointments.

  • Patient Portal: Outstanding Forms icon is no longer showing for appointments where the patients have self-checked in.

  • Patient Portal: A medical note is added after completing the Patient Experience health screening, so dentists will know if patients’ infectious or vulnerable status is specific to COVID-19 and they can be prepared for their appointment.

  • Scotland NHS: NHS Scotland practices will have new EXACT menu options which will directly launch additional Connect pages.

  • Existing MediaHawk APIs were moved over to V2

  • The wording on the add user/provider wizard has been changed to "Is this a provider?" to prevent confusion and Support calls.

  • Medical questions are not duplicating on the health screening form so patients don't have to answer the same questions on separate forms.

  • Scotland NHS : Covid-19 Fee File for 1st June 2020.

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for EXACT crashing with DMP file error when sending a confirmation email after booking an appointment.

  • Support staff can now see if a practice has Patient Experience when they call.

  • Fix for appointments not being removed from the Appointment Book after they were cancelled or rescheduled.

  • Netherlands: Fix for graphical pop-up notes bug: the button text on the pop-up note changed from “Deze opmerking in het vervolg niet meer weergeven” to "Permanent sluiten".

  • Fix for Email Server pulling in the same emails to inbox until they are deleted from the mail server.

  • England: SNOMED is set to be off by default

  • Fix for installer killing itself when an old copy with the same name of the installer process is inside the EXACT directory. The exe files are now ‘killed’ based on full path, not just name

  • Scotland NHS: Fix incorrect tooth count for services

  • New Zealand MoH – COVID-19 Response: Temporary change over 18-year-old extension of eligibility under the CDA. Effective: 13th May 2020

  • Detailed logging was added to classic server installer and the structure was changed to avoid leaving a site uninstalled on failure.

  • Extra logging to investigate Onboarding button not working for random patients.

  • Performance improvements for outstanding forms and the relay service.



  • Plugin for patient contact preferences.

  • A new form type was added as a setting for the COVID-19 form.

  • Terms of Use is now set automatically when Patient Experience is turned on.

  • Automatic practice on-boarding for Patient Experience. If a practice already has Online Booking, EXACT now skips the on-boarding step. A success code will be returned if the practice has Patient Experience.

  • EXACT can now request the COVID-19 form using a form ID.

  • Receptionists can now easily see if patients are infectious or vulnerable, so appointments can be managed appropriately.

  • Dentists can now view patients’ COVID-19 triage form, enabling them to review their answers.

  • A new button to request a 'Health Screening' form is now available, enabling patients to complete a COVID-19 triage forms.

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for NLD infomedics clearing house 'tickbox' not working anymore.

  • Fix for the NI Number format – one COT in Claim bundle not showing on Compass

  • Fixes for issues found in Beta, concerning the email selector window


  • The text displayed on the Online Templates tab when a practice has no tenancy ID has been changed to the following: “To find out more about our online templates please contact the SOE Team”

  • A new merge field is now available for a patient’s unsubscribe link, under Patient Information session: “patient.unsubscribeLink”.

  • NLD Evolution: Fix for part of the email configuration not being visible.

  • Patient Portal: Advanced Medical History is now applied automatically when Patient Experience is turned on.

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for CTI 'SoeiDental.CtiService.exe' file not being installed as a Service with Exact Server install.


  • eOrtho: A new Ortho button has been added to the Chart history. This will help users to quickly​ view previous Ortho assessment data for a patient from EXACT.

  • Receptionists can now see what forms need completing for booked appointments, so they can encourage patients to complete them before arrival.

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for Chocolatey install errors.


  • The "postponement" IM message is only sent if the feed has a newer version of EXACT.

  • Reputation.com can be moved to a new server. A new setting "internal.reputation.com api address" is now replacing the previously hardcoded location of the server in EXACT, so that uses can be moved across slowly.

  • List Payments report and export details column are now aligned with the information displayed on the dialog itself.

  • ‘Cancel’ button from the ‘Edit Patient’ modal dialog is now removed, as it caused confusion about what was saved and what wasn't.

  • Corporate practices can now access online email templates so that communications can be sent to patients.

  • The new email template selector is now enabled by default.

  • eOrtho: User feedback has been incorporated to improve the embedded browser experience for Scottish eOrtho.

  • Patient Experience can now be turned on using one setting: internal.patient experience.

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for version check for schedule updates.

  • Web installer stability fixes.

  • Fix for Perio Screen flashing for all users and on all computers.

  • Fix for eDental PA button showing incorrectly.

  • Fix for EXACT not saving after a note is sent straight to history when done via Appointment Book.

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for rounding inaccuracy with patient limit.

  • Fix for NHS orphaned COT processing.


  • Swap Site ID command (Merge DB tool) is now working.

  • Workstation usage telemetry, primarily for version number.

  • Change detection when editing an email is now more robust.

  • The email server shortcut has been removed from the start menu.

  • Email service smart health checks.

  • Holland: Fix for MZ-files generating incorrectly.

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for Patient File drop down not working when using remote desktop.

  • Fix for slowness when logging in after server move.

  • Fix for scheduled auto upgrade failing.


  • Improved logging to help with the investigation, where a specific patient is not able to access the portal.

  • The Email service has been moved to Supervisor service.

  • Increased test automation coverage for SNOMED.

  • Pipeline improvements.

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for the memory leak in the CliniPad setup screen, that caused EXACT to crash.

  • Fix for no results being returned when running a contact list query for patients without entry in CHI number.

  • Fixes/enhancements for the HTML Editor Replacement:

1. Fix for EXACT crashing when editing old email templates in the HTML editor.

2. Fix for older style template images not being visible after being sent, despite looking correct in

3. Fix for markings being more visible on emails/templates etc. compared to the older version.


  • HTML Editor Replacement.

  • EXACT UI: Templates window was moved WPF.

  • Test automation and pipeline improvements.

Issues Resolved

  • Reliability improvements for the new services:

1. Fix for Production clients registering with QA Apollo.

2. Practices can now be assigned to a feed so that they can schedule updates.

3. Fix for the supervisor not being able to stop the worker service.


  • Users now have the ability to say that a particular service does not require a SNOMED code, so that the pop up does not happen.

  • Australian users now have access to a Patient’s Health Fund details on the Payment Screen, which they can update if required.

  • Automation work.

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for EXACT crashing since upgrading to 13.60.

  • Fix for EXACT hanging on lock screen.


  • SNOMED service charting:

1. Addition of an upgrade process to map services to default SNOMED codes. This upgrade process
is only available for NHS England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man.

2. Addition of default SNOMED codes when a service is charted: the "default" codes for the Service,
all tooth-specific codes and all surface-specific codes.

3. UI addition to allow viewing and selecting of SNOMED codes from an edit chart item.

4. Update of SNOMED codes when a user changes tooth or surface information for a charted surface.

5. The title of the SNOMED window will show the service code when editing selected SNOMED items
on the chart.

6. The filtered list of codes are automatically shown when clicking into the SNOMED search.

  • The complete workflow for Northern Ireland NHS form (HS45PR form) is now available, with CliniPad installer being updated.

  • Only relevant outgoing SMSes are visible now, making matching an SMS is easier.

  • Apollo plugin to allow access to site configurations.

  • Automation work.

Issues Resolved

  • Fix for HTML Editor Library Issue, where clicking in the html editor sometimes causes crashes.

  • Fix for GDI leak when sending emails.

  • Fix for EXACT crashing when opening the Kiosk Management dialog, in the Patient Experience configure window.

  • Fix for Claim Estimate statement not showing benefit payment, card and membership number.

  • Fix for ticking in some patients crashes EXACT.

  • Fix for Feature Usage Report not showing OLB stats correctly.


  • A bootstrapper was added for the supervisor service so that it will start up faster and more reliably.

  • Automation: improvements and new tests addition.


Beta release notes : https://soeidental.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PHS/pages/343638355