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Patient portal allows patients to complete their forms online and self check-in for their appointments without having to touch anything in the practice. This reduces in-practice wait times and improves the patient experience as it frees up reception staff to provide a more personal service.

  • Patients have access to a patient portal where they can complete forms at any time on any device (e.g. at home on their phone or tablet). 

  • Self check-in allows patients to let the practice know they have arrived from their phones.

Below is an introduction video for how the Portal works from within EXACT and for your patients.


If you would like the Patient Experience feature, please contact our support team.

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The Patient Portal contains two factor authentication:

Access to a patient's portal is achieved by sending a link for them. Each link is specific to individual patients; patient A cannot access their portal through Patient B's portal link.

This achieves a two factor authentication whereby the patient must first be identified by the practice through their email address, followed by the confirmation of surname and date of birth.