NHS England - AGP - Aerosol Generating Procedure Appointment Count

As of 1st August 2020 the NHS have requested a count of AGP (Aerosol generating procedures) appointments to be sent with each claim.

A new AGP - Aerosol Generating Procedure service has been created for this purpose and can be easily charted at appointments that result in AGP.

This service has an AGP checkbox which identifies it as AGP. This checkbox is available on all services, and can be ticked for existing services if you prefer.
To add the check to any services go to Configure > Services then double click on the service you would like to have an AGP count then add a tick in the AGP box shown below.

EXACT will count the number of appointments on the chart where AGP services where charted and display this on the TC dialog (Treatment tab). This value can be adjusted if necessary but should represent the number of AGP appointments that occurred during the entire course of treatment. This value will be included in the claim details. 0 or blank can be entered when no AGP occurred.

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