Electronically signed NHS PR forms that have been tampered

Available from version 13.286 and above.

When viewing electronically signed NHS forms a new pop-up message will notify users the form has been altered since the date it was originally signed. This is to alert users that the exemptions in Exact may differ from the electronic form being viewed and need to be reviewed.

This error appears when the form saved in the database has been tampered with. For example, by opening the file in the database and editing it manually. If you see this pop-up message you will need to review the course of treatment or claim to confirm what (if any) exemptions or information have been changed. Tampered forms will not update the exemption record or claim in Exact. These records will only change is manually changed in Exact.

This will apply to both Clinipad and Patient Portal forms in England (FP17PR), Wales (FP17PRW), Northern Ireland (HS45PR) and Scotland (GP17PR).